Chasing the Wind

Ecclesiastes 2:9-11

So I became greater than all who had lived in Jerusalem before me, and my wisdom never failed me. Anything I wanted, I would take. I denied myself no pleasure. I even found great pleasure in hard work, a reward for all my labors. But as I looked at everything I had worked so hard to accomplish, it was all so meaningless – like chasing the wind. There was nothing really worthwhile anymore.

The book of Ecclesiastes can be a depressing one as we read Solomon’s words on life. He was the wisest man in the world. Yet he lived a lot of his life away from God. So he wrote this book as a way to spare future generations the bitterness of learning through their own experience that life is meaningless apart from God.

Solomon summarized his many attempts at finding life’s meaning as “chasing the wind.”

In all our accomplishments, even the big ones, our good feelings are only temporary. We might get that promotion at work and that feels great. But then we have to work even harder to keep that job. Security and self-worth are found, not in these accomplishments, but far beyond them in the love of God. Think about what you consider worthwhile – where you place your time, energy, and money. Are you always on the lookout for what will make you happy? “Once I lose this weight, then I’ll be happy.”  “Once I get that job, then I’ll be content.”  “Once we can finally afford that new home, then our lives will be so much better.”

Really? Chances are, once all these things happen, you’ll find something else to shoot for and won’t be happy until that next goal is met. Don’t look back at your life and think that you, too were “chasing the wind.”  Above everything we should strive to know and love God. He gives wisdom, knowledge, and joy.

Fit In Your Faith Today: Take a look at where you put the majority of your efforts and energy. Are you yearning to know God? Or are you chasing the wind and searching for things that will only provide temporary satisfaction?


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