Humanae Vitae Resources

Humanae Vitae  – Vatican Website

Dr. Janet E. Smith has written on this subject and is usually referred to as the go-to source. She just came out with a brand new book in light of the 50th Anniversary of HV entitled Why Humane Vitae Is Still Right. 

Dr. Smith’s other books are:

Humanae Vitae – A Generation Later (published in 1991)

Why Humanae Vitae Was Right (published in 1993)

Videos of Dr. Janet Smith speaking at a Conference in Texas:

Dr. Angela Franks has written a short (122 pages) book called: Contraception and Catholicism – What The Church Teaches and Why

Dr. Franks recently wrote this article for America Magazine: #MeToo shows the dangers of ‘end-less’ sex. Humanae Vitae shows the way forward

Christopher WestThe Good News About Sex and Marriage

Christopher West’s Cor Project has an entire section dedicated to it here

Love, Marriage, and the Catholic Conscience: Understanding the Church’s Teachings on Birth Control by Dietrich Von Hildebrand – Published in 1998 

The Archdiocese of Detroit and their Bishops have a series of homilies on HV which you can view here:

Jenny Uebbing blogs at Mama Needs Coffee and did an entire guest blog series on Living Humanae Vitae – real life stories from couples practicing NFP.

The USCCB has a whole page dedicated to HV resources

Articles, Videos and other commentary on Humanae Vitae:

The USCCB added a playlist on YouTube of all the Bishops who have given homilies on HV here.

Various videos from a few theologians/commentators/speakers:

National Catholic Register Articles

How Humanae Vita Changed the Church – Catholic Herald (UK)

Celebrating the Marriage of Love and Life A Reflection on the 50th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae by Most Reverend William E. Lori

The cost of contraception and the joy of the Gospel of Life – Bishop James Conley

As it was in 1968, ‘Humanae Vitae’ is a needed examination of conscience – Bishop Knestout

The Archdiocese of Arlington – #AskTheQuestion Series

The Four prophesies of Pope Paul VI

Crux – Birth of an encyclical: Priest documents preparation of ‘Humanae Vitae’

Bishop Robert Barron – Top 5 Resources for Humanae Vitae


Women Are The Heralds of Humanae Vitae – Mary Rice Hasson

Stand Up and Teach Humanae Vitae Boldly – National Catholic Register

Why is the Catholic Church against contraception?

Angelus – Humanae Vitae at ’50’ 

How “Humanae Vitae” helped one nun find her feminist voice

Patrick Coffin interviews Christopher West – Contraception and The Eclipse of the Body

Open Your Heart: Reflections on Humanae Vitae, 50 Years On – Kathryn Jean Lopez Interviews Terry Polakovic

Humanae Vitae 50 Years On – Truth, Trust and Mercy, Antidotes to the Contraceptive Mentality – Stephen Walford

8 Reasons to be grateful for Humanae Vitae – 50 Years Later – Aleteia – Tom Hoopes

Is There an Escape from the Evils of a Contracepting Society? – By Dr. Angela Franks

Paul VI, John Paul II and Humanae Vitae

Blessed Paul VI’s Most Prophetic Letter