Humanae Vitae Resources

Humanae Vitae  – Vatican Website

Dr. Janet E. Smith has written on this subject and is usually referred to as the go-to source. She just came out with a brand new book in light of the 50th Anniversary of HV entitled Why Humane Vitae Is Still Right. 

Her other books are:

Humanae Vitae – A Generation Later (published in 1991)

Why Humanae Vitae Was Right (published in 1993)

Dr. Angela Franks has written a short (122 pages) book called: Contraception and Catholicism – What The Church Teaches and Why

Christopher West – The Good News About Sex and Marriage

Love, Marriage, and the Catholic Conscience: Understanding the Church’s Teachings on Birth Control by Dietrich Von Hildebrand – Published in 1998 

The Archdiocese of Detroit and their Bishops have a series of homilies on HV which you can view here:

Jenny Uebbing blogs at Mama Needs Coffee and did an entire guest blog series on Living Humanae Vitae – real life stories from couples practicing NFP.