A taste of heaven

I’m a Bride of Christ! I’m still pinching myself. What an absolutely beautiful day surrounded by my family, my parish family, and my dear friends on the journey to consecrated virginity.

I was consecrated by my Archbishop on October 24 – the traditional feast day of St. Raphael the Archangel – patron saint of “happy meetings.” I prayed to him for almost a year that October 24 would be a most joyful happy occasion for all of those in attendance and those watching online. And my prayers were answered big time! Many remarked that it was like they witnessed a taste of heaven during this most blessed liturgy. I do believe many conversions are going to take place, if they haven’t already, as a result of a personal encounter with Our Lord this day. Enjoy just a sampling of these beautiful photos from this remarkable day that I am so grateful for. God is so good!!!

One thought on “A taste of heaven

  1. Beautiful!!!!! And so inspiring. I see on Michelle’s face the the look of excitement, the look of happiness, and the look of contentment. Thank you Michelle for allowing me to be a part of your life.
    May God keep you in His loving care all the days of your life.

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