You’ve lost that post workout feeling…

I actually haven’t lost it, just trying to get creative with the title. Smile

If anything, I had the best post-workout feeling in a long time last night.   I can say with 100% confidence that I absolutely killed my workout.   I never share or take pics after or before of myself at the gym but I felt the need to do it last night.  So here it is! Sweaty mess and all…


I am currently in week 3 of the Fighter Diet Extreme program from Pauline Nordin.

For copyright (and probably legal) reasons I won’t be sharing what my workout entailed but what I can say is that the difference from the exercises in weeks 1 and 2 compared to week 3 are substantial.  I literally felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest.   And I’m trainer so you’d think I would know that it was going to hurt burn…I hate to be THAT chick but seriously, I felt the burn.  And oh my it was awesome.

A number of factors made this workout probably one of my best in a long time:

1. I was the only female in the gym the entire time  most of the time (Where the ladies at!?  Not that I’m complaining…but seriously girls you gotta get in the gym).

2.  It was challenging, especially for my shoulders which is what I want and need!  I LOVE working shoulders so I feel like I got my wish.

3.  I felt like cheating myself a couple of times by stopping at 15 reps when certain exercises called for 20.  But I pushed through repeating the mantra “Cheating only hurts yourself.”  Because really, what good does it do anyone if you cut corners.  Consistency is key!

4.  I was working out harder than the one female that DID show up to do the elliptical and about 2 sets of side bends on the back extension machine…before she went back to the elliptical and didn’t proceed to work up a sweat at all.  She may have been trying to scope out the guys,  I don’t know.  I just know I had a better workout than her so it actually motivated me even more. Thank you random girl!

5.  My PRE workout meal snack was a slice of pizza and steamed broccoli and raspberry iced tea while catching up with one of my best friends.  How is this a GOOD thing? I have no idea.  All I know is I felt amazing when I probably should have felt like garbage.  I will NOT be making a habit of this since no one gets their body of their dreams eating slices of pizza.  My late lunch/early dinner was my baked chicken with long grain rice and broccoli so I WOULDNT fill up and be tempted to eat an entire pizza while out with my friend.  So…my plan worked…kinda.

6.  Lastly, I’ve been extremely stressed out thinking about my tenants from hell (too long of a story to ever blog about) that I will be sending an eviction notice at the end of the month so working out lately has been my best de-stresser yet.

Some final random thoughts:

  • I’m down 3lbs in less than a week.  So currently my weight is 134.4lbs.   This is good and bad because I bet my friend Craig (hi Craig, you better be reading this!) that it’s possible to lose weight during the holidays.  So he bet me $20 I would not lose 5lbs from Thanksgiving Day until January 3rd.  The pressure is on!  $20 might not seem like much…and it isn’t.  But I love a challenge. 🙂  And I want that $20!


  • The shirt you see me sporting in my pic is from the gorgeous Felecia Romero.  You can find her on FB ,  on Twitter @FeliciaRomero and her website  I love this comfy shirt and the mantra is perfect:  Just Breathe.   Email her at for price and size and colors and tell her I sent you.   No, that won’t get you a discount but I’d like her to know that I’m promoting her stuff because I believe in karma.  If I put good stuff out there in the universe, then maybe someday the favor will be returned to me.
  • Wednesdays post will entail my experience at ASAP Fitness with my friend Gerred who’s going to put a bunch of us through a nice killer (and free) workout.  YAY for free things!



Random iTunes song:  Currently at work (oops, don’t tell my boss) so no song currently playing.  Instead I’m listening to my fave sports talk radio station 92.3 The Fan.

Random Tweet of the Day:   If Lori shows up alive because Carol MAGICALLY sewed her back up, I will boycott this show. That’s nuts. #WalkingDead





3 thoughts on “You’ve lost that post workout feeling…

  1. #1! That is me every morning–Where are the ladies?? I mean, I feel bad ass when I keep up with the dudes, but I’d love to see more women getting their lift on. And pssht, $20 is totally enough motivation to get me to do something. Especially if there’s also the bonus of proving someone wrong.

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