The Holiday Pledge

I’m sorta stealing this idea from Vanessa Romero of who got the idea from Sandi Porter of

These two women started the Halloween No Candy Pledge:

I thought it was an excellent idea and signed up right away.

The result? I passed with flying colors!  Not one piece of Halloween Candy for the entire month of October

But I will admit that since Cleveland moved Halloween to Sunday November 4th due to Hurricane Sandy, I DID indulge in a mini kit-kat and one mini junior mint box. I’m talking small…like 6 mints.So technically I cheated?? But not really.  Not my fault Halloween accidentally got extended! 🙂

Just goes to show that if you broadcast it all over the internet and you’re in a group of other folks who take the same promise, it actually works!  Yes you could lie and just say, ” I just won’t tell anyone I had this piece of candy, they’ll never know.”  And that might work for you, but it doesn’t really do any good in the end.

This got me thinking about the upcoming holiday season.  I guess for a lot of us (especially those of who work in a mall) the holiday season is already here.  Decorations are up, holiday sales are taking place, just a matter of time before your favorite top 40 radio station starts playing Christmas carols non-stop.

And with the holidays come all the complaints and back-pedaling on goals and excuses:

“It’s just not possible to lose weight during the holidays!”

“I won’t even bother trying to diet this month.  It’s too hard.”

“All the parties and the sweets and desserts that come with Christmas and Thanksgiving, I just won’t have time to workout.”

This is why the gyms are packed on January 1st.  This is why the fitness industry is so popular and why people purchase all kinds of gadgets and machines because THIS YEAR I will not fail.  Right?

And every year I always end up saying the same thing to my clients and FB friends and anyone looking to “Get in shape.” Just work on maintaining your weight because it’s just unrealistic to lose any weight.

I give in!  I give in to the hype that oh us silly Americans, we can’t do anything right.  Might as well throw in the towel because no one has self control anymore these days.  Forget trying to get clients from now until December 31st.  They aren’t here! They’re not at the gym!  They’re at home stuffing their faces!

I think we all need to give ourselves a little more credit.  Why is it so hard to aim to lose a couple lb’s in November and December?  Why do we automatically assume it’s impossible?


So my holiday pledge is to get everyone on board and say FORGET that old mantra and dig in, and make these next two months the healthiest you can possible make them.

MY Holiday Pledge might not have a fancy background (Maybe I’ll enlist my photoshop friends to help me out here) but here’s what I’m thinking:

1.  I understand that baked goods and processed foods will be in abundance during this time of year;  I understand that I do not have to be a taste tester, nor do I have to eat everything that is offered to me.

2.  I understand that many foods are good for me, especially home-made dishes.  I also understand that my plate should reflect how I already eat: Healthy and balanced with veggies, protein and a healthy fat accounted for.

3.  I will not keep any holiday candy around the house for others or myself;  If I do make a dessert dish I will not keep leftovers out in plain sight as to avoid temptation and start the cycle of excuses.

4.  I will not be anti-social; I will go to the holiday gatherings that I am able to attend.  I will bring a healthy dish to serve and I will not make unnecessary comments or remarks to others who are NOT taking my pledge.

5.  I will continue my workout regimen and will never say “I just don’t have time” when I know I have at least 20 minutes for a walk on the treadmill or go to my basement and jump rope.  I will always find a way to get my exercise in.

So that’s it!  If anyone has anything to add feel free to drop a comment.  Or make your own for yourself and share with us!


Random tune on the (gasp) Radio:  Some Maroon 5 song…not the payphone one but the other one.

Random tweet of the day from Election Night  (That got 21 retweets and favorited 12 times, but who’s counting?):  “Did anyone tell Clint Eastwood that the chair won?” 

(P.S.) This is only really funny if you watched the RNC this year.   Yes I’m very proud of my clever tweet.  If only or BuzzFeed would have picked it up…I’d be Twitter Famous! 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Holiday Pledge

  1. You are a better woman than I. I did do pretty well over Halloween though. Perhaps that’s because I have no children to steal candy from, I did not go trick or treating and I did not hand out candy because the kids that come to my neighborhood for Halloween are jerks so I stopped participating in the candy drop… Hmmmm… Maybe it’s physically healthier to be a scroogy old lady.

    • Ha! You know I think you’re right…If we are against the holidays, we won’t be invite to any parties, we certainly won’t host any parties nor will we be asked to make anything for anyone. I think you might be on to something here…Anti-Social Living. 😉

  2. This is such a great pledge! I really identify with the anti-social one. Sometimes I find myself thinking it’s easier to not go out than to have self-control. I need to suck it up and enjoy times with friends rather than focus on the dessert spread.

    • I’m invited a to a dessert party every year by one of my clients (former client now) and I know she just confirmed my address yesterday so Lina, I know you’re reading this. Looking forward to the part-ay!! 🙂 She expressed concern it would hinder my challenge here but I’m actually looking forward to it because it will be my first TRUE test. It will be a blog for the ages..ha!

  3. LOVE this pledge. This time of year is soooo hard, and I LOVE making cupcakes and eating them, which is a big problem at holiday parties. I definitely failed at the Halloween pledge, but I will do my best to stick by this one. I might actually print it out and put it on the fridge, my husband may think I’m crazy, but I think that would help!

    • Aww yes! Put it on the fridge I think that’s great! I’m having one of my twitter buddies make it all “pretty” so I will re-post again when that happens. I think alot of people can benefit and appreciate a pledge like this especially during this time of year. I think it’s a good mix of being realistic without being too strict. A great way to be held accountable during the holidays!

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