KettleBell Hell

A short one tonight:

I had my second workout with Gerred’s R.E.A.L. Training program on Friday morning… OY!

Gerred had us working with the kettlebell’s for the most part which was awful Awesome!

Actually it was pretty great, calorie burn-wise.  We mixed up some KB exercises including Swings, Snatches, Goblet Squats and Rows.  We also did some aerobic intervals on the treadmill and the airdyne bike.  I actually volunteered to go on it this time.

In the end I burned over 500 calories and did a personal best 50lbs KB swing.

What we I need to work on:  KB Snatches.  I of course thought “Oh I’m good, I can TOTALLY do these!”   Mmmmmnotsomuch.

All I have to say is thank goodness no one at ASAP Fitness whipped out their phone to record my sad attempts at snatches.

Here’s a bunch of dudes who know how to do snatches apparently:

I couldn’t quite get it up properly and felt like I did differently almost every rep.  Definitely something I need to work on.  And of course, since YouTube has everything, the fellas at ASAP  found me a video to help.

So another goal….Master Snatches.

Okay that’s just funny.  I mean come on, that sounds like a band name.  Or something much much more vulgar.  Let me stop here to keep it professional.

Even though this all took place Friday morning I’m still feeling the effects two days later.  And I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a great feeling.

Happy Sunday and let the Thanksgiving week commence!  Bring it on, I am ready for it!


Random show on the tube (not in an iTunes mood): Pawn Stars on The History Channel (I actually love this show as staged as it probably is)

Random tweet of the weekend: Just realized my Simpsons Tapped Out game was restored. I know…I know, close call there. This is as geeky-gamer as I get folks. #nerd

I leave you with pics of the actual torture devices toys from ASAP Fitness and R.E.A.L. Training:

Look! It’s that prowler thingie! And those ropes…my nemesis.

The good old Airdyne. I think I tamed that beast on Friday.