Motivate, Inspire, Workout, Eat…Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Catchy title eh? Took me a whole 10 seconds to think of it.

So you have to love that I’ve had this blog for a whole 2 weeks and I’m already overwhelmed with how much information is out there regarding working out and fitness and competitions and diet, etc.  It’s as if I’m discovering a whole new internet out here….

But I have quickly realized that with information and good intentions, comes misinformation and misguided information too, usually in the form of “studies.”  You really need to check the sources of the studies that are published before you hit “ReTweet” and “Share.” “Pin” and “Post.”  People will just read the headline such as “Vitamins are a waste of money!” and “Coffee cures cancer!” click share and the lies spread all over the internet in a matter of minutes.

So who can you trust to give you truthful information with regards to health and fitness?  Anyone who doesn’t have an agenda.  Not as difficult to find!  Iasked myself “Self, who do you like? Who’s (or is that Whose?) philosophies do you follow and trust?”  So, with a little “search” skills, I found a good base of people that I always look to for good information:

I tend to follow Registered Dietitians like Andy Bellatti and Mr. Whistle Blower himself Bruce Bradley on Twitter.   I also follow editors of magazines like Women’s and Men’s Health and Muscle Fitness as well as some great authors of books I’ve read like


Those are just examples of people I TRUST to dole out truthful information.

So that’s information….but what about Motivation?  The internet is not lacking in this department.  Again, I asked myself “Who do you want to be like?  What do you want your body to look like?”  Well you know from my first post that I really admire Nicole Wilkins.

Just looking at that picture a few months ago I’d probably say something like “Oh my gosh I hate her, she’s perfect!” and proceed to whine about how my genetics will never allow me to look like that as I stuff my face full of Peanut butter covered rice cakes.  (I know, I can’t even BINGE like a normal person).

But now…it’s odd. I look UP to this person and I admire her.  I am motivated and inspired by her.  No jealousy…(okay maybe a little) but more than jealousy is hope.  Hope that I CAN look like that someday.  Maybe not exactly like that but my HOPE is still realistic in that I want to be as close to that as I can.

Other women who totally motivate and inspire me on a daily basis not just with their physique but with their attitude and work ethic:

She tends to post pics of herself often but I find it to be sweet and not annoying.
A great follow on Facebook. Seems to be a very down to earth type of person.
Yeah she’s kind of a beast. She actually frightens me but I like that she has a great sense of humor about herself.

I feel like I should mention here to my family if you are reading, I’m not a lesbian.

Ha!  Okay sorry just had to say that since it can be a little odd to see that I “follow” and “Like” pages on Facebook and Twitter of women who are scantily clad.

I just think it’s kinda awesome that I’m finally using the internet for a purpose other than “time-waster.”  I’m actually using it to find people with the same interests and lo and behold the same goals!   Gasp! Fascinating concept I know.

2 thoughts on “Motivate, Inspire, Workout, Eat…Lather, Rinse, Repeat

  1. There definitely is an overwhelming amount of info on the Internet–I agree, go with real sources with no agenda (and read NROL, haha–I try to make EVERYONE pick that book up). Great source of inspiration, too. So many lovely ladies with muscles–we’ll be there one day! 🙂

  2. We are so on the same journey! Love it and love your motivation! You are right about all the info, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. I am definitely going to go buy the new rules of lifting, I haven’t heard of it 🙂 Thanks!

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