Improving The Fitness Industry / Dinner Dilemma Avoided (Yes that’s how you spell Dilemma)

Improving The Fitness Industry – Born Fitness

Once in awhile I would like to share a great website/blog/person to follow for those who are interested.  Tonight I share a blog from Adam Bornstein.  Adam is what I would call THE leader in fitness as far as knowledge, research, advice, training, etc.  He just revamped his new website and it’s fantastic!  He even does online coaching if you’re in need.  I haven’t used him myself personally but you can rest assured he’s one of the experts in the field.

The blog I refer to above is somewhat similar to the rant I made yesterday on Being Healthy is a Revolutionary Act (which, by the way, got Re-tweeted by Pilar Gerasimo herself as well as Experience Life Magazine, my first KUDOS).

Adam speaks about the Fitness Industry itself in this post and ways in which to make it a more positive experience.  Here’s one of my favorite lines: “If it were up to me, we’d all spend less time trying to fix the fitness industry, and more time trying to fix ourselves as individuals.”

Love it.

Sidenote:  I managed to avoid going through the drive-thru tonight as tempting as it was.  I want to make it clear I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of anything here…I’m PREVENTING myself from eating a terrible meal of a burger and fries. (Sweet potato fries…they are still fries no matter how much I want to convince myself that they are “not THAT bad.”)

It was tempting only because of the CHEAPNESS and QUICKNESS factor (Payday is tomorrow thank you Jesus!)

I quickly resorted to my iPhone.  Why? Because on it I have a picture of my idol Nicole Wilkins as my screensaver.  It’s a nice constant reminder my long-term goal.  And this is one of the many times it has helped me avoid a sticky situation such as this.  And it worked again this time…I thought “I don’t think she got that bod by eating garbage fast food.”

I drove right to the grocery store (conveniently located right NEXT to BK)  and stocked up on veggies and chicken and dark chocolate. And yes I am happy about that.  If I would have eaten something that really isn’t good for me, I’d confess it on here and move on.  The world would not end.  But I feel 10x better for eating something GOOD tonight and not thinking “Oh I’ll just burn it off tomorrow by working EXTRA hard.”

Screw that!  I’m making it easy on myself. 🙂


One thought on “Improving The Fitness Industry / Dinner Dilemma Avoided (Yes that’s how you spell Dilemma)

  1. I like this! Nothing wrong with some BK if that’s what you really wanted and were treating it as a…treat…but just because of convenience? Doesn’t take too much longer to create a much healthier meal. With dark chocolate.

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