The best day of the week: Sore-Day

Forgive me for just a minute while I go local for my Cleveland followers, especially my fellow Browns football fans.  (As if I have “fans” in different countries, geeez the ego on this gal!).

See, we are used to waking up on a Monday mornings feeling dejected, depressed, grief stricken, sometimes just plain hungover and angry.  We are usually in mourning.  We are usually getting ready for some Therapy Monday as we listen to the local sports talk radio shows do their thing and get us through another day of analyzing what went wrong, what could have gone better, who needs to be benched and who needs to fired (*cough cough Pat Shurmur cough cough*).  But an amazing thing happened yesterday:  We won!  We won our first game in…a year?  Sad really.  But instead of the usual crying and whining, I think quite a few of us Browns fans woke up feeling just a tinge of hope and happiness.  For just a moment.  Like maybe just today.  The feeling is probably gone by now in most fans actually.  But man, what a great 24 hours right?

So just what in the hell does this have to do with fitness?  Not a whole lot.  It was just a teaser to get you to click on the link and keep reading.  I’m sneaky like that.  But actually, it does have something in common with what I’m posting today:  My Sunday workout! And as the title suggests, instead of waking up feeling cranky and pissy because I didn’t workout, I woke up feeling sore in my muscles and in most of my body because I KILLED it yesterday.  Had one of my better workouts in a long long time.  So see? It wasn’t just the Browns that had a great Sunday.  (See how I brought it all back to me?  That’s the perk of having a blog, it’s all about YOU).

As of late, I’ve been making a habit of hitting the weights on Sunday afternoons while the Browns play.  This has been proven to be quite useful this season and I recommend it to all my fellow football fans.  It helps to take your aggression out on weights and work up a sweat while cursing the TV screen showing (insert your favorite NFL Team here) doing what they do best….Winning. Or, if they are the Browns, punting.

On to the workout….This was a full body workout and as I mentioned, I’m sore all over.  An awesome feeling!  For those that always say they hate the sore feeling after a workout, well I feel sorry for you because I love it.  It’s kind of like your body saying “Congrats on kicking your own ass!”

This particular workout lasted a long time.  Normally I do strength for 45 minutes; this lasted well over an hour and 10 minutes.  Some might say overdoing it?  But I felt great and wanted to continue. So in my eyes, as long as I leave enough time to rest in between my lifting days to allow my body to recover, I don’t see the harm in doing a full body workout like this once in a while.  You will see after I post my other full body workouts how much they differ from this one.  I’ve included links to all the exercises which has been really time consuming and annoying.  Not that I’m complaining…well, actually… I am complaining.

Enjoy and happy Sore-Day!

Dynamic Warm up:

5 minutes cross trainer

BOSU – Squat and Curl – 20 reps with 7.5lb Dumbbells (meant to be light and easy)

BOSU – Mountain climbers 30 seconds

Bench Push ups – 15 reps

Walking Lunges – 20 reps


1 Arm Row – Kettlebell(KB)  30pounds – 12 reps

Chest Press on Bench  with Dumbbells (DB) – 22.5lbs each – 12 reps

Curtsy Squats – 12lb KB’s in each hand – 12 reps each side

V-sit up on Bench – 20 reps

Repeat two more times

Bench Chest Press – 25lbs – 15 reps/2nd set 35lbs/3rd set 40lbs

Upright Row – 45lb Barbell (BB) -8- 10 reps

Single leg Squats – 30lb KB – 12 reps each side

Leg Lifts on Bench (abdominals) 20 reps

Repeat 2 more times

Standing 2 arm Cable Row – 45lbs – 12 reps

Standing Chest Fly on Cables – 35lbs – 12 reps

Hamstring Curl on Stability Ball(SB) – 20 reps

Cable Woodchop – 27.5lbs – 12 reps each side

Repeat 2 more times

Herculean curls – 20lbs total – 15 reps

Standing Tricep Pushdown with Rope – 25lbs – 12-15 reps

Assisted Pull Ups – Weight set at 55lbs – Close grip (working more biceps than back) 10 -12 reps

Assisted Dips – weight set at 55lbs – 12-15 reps  (use same video above)

No repeat on these

Final circuit:

Stiff legged Deadlift with 50lb BB – 15reps

Bent leg crunches on bench (knees to chest) 15 reps (I didn’t use bands like they do in the video but not a bad idea!)

Seated Shoulder Press with 30lb BB – 15 reps

Repeated two more times

FINISHED!  But wait…there’s more..

Ended this session with walking lunges on a treadmill set at 6-9%incline and 1.2mph for 25 minutes.

And earlier in the morning I walked on the treadmill at home for 45 minutes.  Just an easy fat burning workout.  (Heart rate didn’t get above 145 and never felt like I was out of breath).

Total calories burned with all three workouts combined: 1200

By far the best workout day I’ve had in quite a while.  I liked breaking up the cardio into two different times of the day.  Had energy for the morning to run errands and still felt like continuing well after my workout.

Thanks for reading!  Until next time…


One thought on “The best day of the week: Sore-Day

  1. I agree–nothing wrong with a good full body workout if you give yourself lots of time to repair! I have those gym days where it just feels GOOD and I’m not ready to leave. And totally having a Sore-Day of my own today–my hams huuuurt after my Saturday legs workout with my trainer–they were still too tired yesterday for the pain to kick in, so I totally fell out of bed in surprise when I tried to stand up this morning 😀

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