Made for Community: An Afternoon with Alpha



Life was never intended to be lived alone; community with God and one another was always the plan. The desire for community is built into our DNA. – Dan Blythe


Let’s talk Alpha folks.

No doubt you’ve seen the billboards around town about it. Or maybe you’ve heard about it from a friend or co-worker. Or maybe you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. In any case, let me tell you about my short but very fruitful encounter with Alpha this past weekend.

My first encounter with Alpha took place last fall at a friends’ house. I was sent an invitation to it via email and was told there would be food (let’s be real here, I had said “YES” before I even read the rest of the invitation) as well as a short video followed by a discussion in a small group.  All we who were invited were told was that we would be learning about the basics of Christianity and that all would be welcome, no matter where we were on our faith journey.

In a nutshell this is what Alpha is: An informal and casual environment for people of all walks of faith and all backgrounds to engage with other people about what it means to be a Christian.

Looking back, it was an incredible experience. The food was delicious, the videos were inspiring and easy to understand, and the conversations we had were thought-provoking, not superficial or mundane. I LIVE for conversations like this! These are the kinds of discussions I WISH I had with my family and friends!

The weeks flew by and I was legit bummed when it was over, but I had gained SO much insight and perspective about Christianity that I had never bothered previously to explore or consider. And did I mention the food???

More than just a random visit

Fast forward to a year later (just about a month ago) and I’m in the midst of emailing a woman named Kathy, who works at a parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit called Our Lady of Good Counsel. I told her I had felt compelled to visit OLGC since this summer and would it be okay to go to the Church for mass one day over the weekend, pretty please?

Before I tell you her response, you may be wondering why *this parish? It’s actually a long story but I will say most TOB-addicted peeps such as myself have most likely heard of the pastor, Fr John Riccardo. I would encourage you to visit their website or their YouTube page and just explore. Guaranteed you’ll find something that makes you think, “Whoa. What did he just say? That’s different.”

Back to my email convo with Kathy…

Can I visit? Well the answer was of course affirmative. But the noteworthy part was this: There was an Alpha retreat taking place that Saturday and she invited me to join.

I replied back with a resounding “YES! Sign me up!” Clearly, God wanted me there for a reason.  But for what reason exactly, I wasn’t so sure.

Community, Connection and Christ at the Center

There’s not nearly enough space to discuss how the Holy Spirit was moving within me the entire weekend. But let me just say, it was palpable. Much of it was felt at the retreat but assuredly the entire weekend was full of God-incidences.

The retreat itself was less than 8 hours but even in this short period of time, I felt an immediate connection with the people there. While I didn’t have a solid outline of the schedule, I had a general idea of what to expect given the typical Alpha schedule. But I also knew we would conclude with the opportunity to have people pray over us individually, which is such a unique and powerful experience.

In fact, my first real experience of someone praying over me occurred at a retreat just a few months ago. The gentleman who did it? An OLGC employee. Hence, one of the many connections I felt to visit this place.

After introducing myself as the “Clevelander just visiting,” I immediately felt welcomed by a table of 7 other folks. Normally, I’m pretty outgoing and can be quite chatty, but I felt a sense to just observe and quiet myself. I did talk, but only when I felt the Spirit calling me to. I mostly heard the Spirit say, Just listen and allow these people to teach YOU something. You are here for a reason. Let me reveal it to you.

When the Holy Spirit talks, you listen.

Just as my first experience with Alpha went, the conversations were profound and insightful. Just a few things of what I heard:

  • The significant growth individually and collectively in just the 7 weeks this particular group had been meeting
  • Their struggles with having faith and raising a family in our current culture
  • The difficult of having friends and family members who don’t agree with their particular views
  • The suffering and sickness of family members and children and how they were able to get through it
  • The balance of marriage and career and as well as being an example of the faith to their children
  • How to pray to the Holy Spirit for wisdom, for knowledge and for the right words to speak and the right actions to take in order to lead others closer to Christ

One word kept coming back to me as I listened: Community. Here in front of me I had the privilege of observing community in action. I’m not sure if they realized it, but they were essentially evangelizing to each other by sharing all of these stories. And this was just one afternoon!  I think they’re on the verge of calling each other friends rather than just acquaintances. And isn’t that what forms a community? People who may be on different parts of a spiritual journey but have a common goal of sanctification and living in eternity with God?

By the end of the weekend, I truly feel God called me there to be something that I have failed at for the past year:  A witness. A real live, public witness. I talk a good game, but in the end, do I really live this out? Do people look at me and talk to me and think, “That’s a witness. That’s a person unashamed of placing her trust in God.”

I hope I showed this in the small amount of time I was there. But I distinctly felt that this Alpha retreat was supposed to prompt me to engage with others in a more concrete way.

I think this was God’s way of saying: You’ve done a lot of work this past year growing in your faith, and acquiring “data,” as Fr. Riccardo would say, but now I need you to really move and to speak up and be that living example I have called you to be.

One last word about Alpha

Alpha is a program you need to experience for yourself. If you are lost, join. If you are seeking, join. If you are confused, join. If you are prideful like me and think you know it all, join. You can find one near you here.

There are a few people who have been on my heart that I believe would benefit from Alpha. Please pray for me to have the courage to be a witness and lead them to an Alpha course. 

As I was dropped off at the house I was staying at for the weekend I remarked to my new friend from OLGC, “You all are so unbelievably nice to me. But it’s more than being nice. I feel as if you truly CARE about what happens to me and you don’t even know me.”

He simply responded: “Well, we love you.”

Ahh, I thought. So that’s what being a witness looks like.

May we all strive to echo this same sentiment, love each other as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and be a living witness to everyone we encounter.

I can’t adequately describe how hospitable, generous, and kind every. single. person. at OLGC I met was to me. Granted, you don’t have to travel 3 hours out of state to find generous and kind people. But I’m going on record as saying some of the best people are in Michigan.  (Don’t hate me, Buckeyes!)  Thank you to the amazing people at OLGC parish for your hospitality and generosity:  Mary, Pete, Kathy, Jennifer, Chris, Fr. John, Deacon Dave, Dr. Steve, Mary, Kristi, Heidi, John, Susan, Brad, Lauren and Nicole – You are all in my prayers and I can’t wait until we meet again. 








12 thoughts on “Made for Community: An Afternoon with Alpha

  1. It’s Sunday and I had just posted a video of worship from the Beth Moore living proof live event that happened this weekend in Youngstown. I am a cradle Catholic turned evangelical for 30 years including being on staff at a large evangelical church, turned back to Catholic after attending Catholics Coming Home. I’m having trouble balancing being Catholic and finding a way to meet my huge need and desire for community in a small group, studying the word of God with sisters in Christ, and my love for the sacraments and the beauty of the Catholic mass. Scott Hahn’s books have been helpful! Somehow after posting my video from the Beth Moore conference, I saw your post on alpha pop up and one thing led to the other until I found myself watching a video of father John Riccardo. Ah. So there is a place, and there are people, who while being Catholic, read study and love God’s word and especially, talk about a personal relationship with Jesus. I am so glad I found this and thank you for all of your recommendations. It is what I need this morning!

    • Sandy!! I’m SO happy to read this. I was praying “If this just reaches one person, it’ll be worth it.” And lo and behold I read your message this morning and was just overjoyed to see that indeed, it had. I love how the Holy Spirit works so quickly!!!
      You will become a quick addict of Fr. Riccardo’s videos. He has incredible knowledge and a very easy-to-understand way of delivering his messages. And he’s incredibly humble. 🙂
      Thanks again for commenting and please, keep in touch on how your are doing with your journey.
      God Bless you!

  2. Hi, Michelle. We attended the TOBI Sexual Ethics class with you in August, 2015. We had a great conversation with you over lunch one day. We are members of Our Lady of Good Council and were at this Alpha Day Away. We wish we would have know you were there that day so we could reconnect. Thank you for your beautiful and compelling account of your experience that day. May the Lord continue to bless you as you seek to grow closer to Him.

  3. Dennis and Rose, Oh my goodness YES of course I remember you and I’m SO floored that we were both at this retreat and didn’t see each other. I’m SO SO glad to reconnect with you at least on here and on Facebook. I’ve been thinking of you both from time to time. And I’m super jealous that you belong to OLGC. What a gift!
    I’m definitely going to attend the parish again soon, perhaps as early as the spring. Although it would be awesome to come back for the holidays. 🙂

    Thanks again for commenting and reaching out. What a small world!!

    God Bless you both!

    • Great question! I took it upon myself to do a search on their website and found two results.
      I also know St Basil in Brecksville is just about to finish their first run at it. From what I heard it went well.
      I’m also in touch with the man in charge of the NE Ohio Alpha region and I’m attempting to get my parish to offer it. I really believe it’s a great way to get the young adult crowd involved as well.

  4. St. Raphael just finished Alpha last week. It was wonderful. I believe they will be starting again in January. The videos are wonderful!

  5. Hi Michelle! I actually live close to OLGC, but work at another parish that is starting to use Alpha as intentional outreach to churched and un-churched alike…similar to a lot of what you mentioned, I would agree with too!!! New follower and first-time commenter here, looking forward to following more 🙂

    • Well hello Patty!!! So nice to “meet” you! And welcome to my little blog. I’m so excited you decided to stop by. I’m so glad to hear you’re using Alpha at your parish. I’m actually considering going to the training in Dayton Ohio in January. Will definitely be updating everyone here on my site if I end up starting an Alpha somewhere here. The world needs it!

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