Peak Week Jitters

This week began what’s called Peak Week for me, the week of the competition.

My plan from Coach Ben was not such a big difference when I first looked at it.  The one big thing was that I got to do cardio!  I even sent him a message saying how I was kind of excited at the thought of doing HIIT training the next morning in addition to my usual weight training.

Hey guess what I realized very quickly the next day???  I don’t miss cardio.

Considering that I had done my weight training and then an hour of cardio afterwards for a grand total of almost two hours at the gym, I was TOAST.  It was great to work up a huge sweat like that but I cannot believe people voluntarily go to the gym and workout for that long on a regular basis.  Hell, I can’t believe I used to RUN (okay JOG) for that long and even longer when I trained for my half and full marathons.  No Thanks!

I only have one more cardio session on Thursday morning and that will be it.

The other big change for me is staying at my low-carb amount for longer than I’m used to.  I used to switch off (kind of like carb cycling) with high carb and low carb days.  Well, today marks day number 4 of low carb.  Let me tell ya, I’m not used to this.  I was very foggy on Monday morning after my workout and I was kind of out of it again this morning with my client.  But, it went away after awhile and although I like telling people “Oh yeah, it’s my lack of carbs, that’s why I forgot (insert ditzy mistake here).”  It makes for a really good excuse but I can’t help but wonder that it’s just because I’m having more than my usual blonde moments. 🙂

Tomorrow I can only drink water…no more crystal light crap or my energy drinks (yes, I became addicted to some of them i’m ashamed to say).  But I can do this…I survived most of my adult life without them, I can certainly handle a few more days of not having them.

Then Friday…..The FUN begins.  I get to carbo load.  And omg I’m SOOOO looking forward to that.

Prepare for a slew of Instagram pics of all my carbo loaded meals.  Nom Nom Nom!!

Possibly one more update before the show.

In the meantime, here are some shots from the posing seminar I attended two weeks ago with some fantastic ladies who I may be competing with.

Top is a little low...oops.
Top is a little low…oops.


I say “with” and not “against.”  I feel a sense of camaraderie with my fellow figure gals.  Especially the ones who are like me, having never done this before.  Cannot wait to hang backstage and get to know them better.

Off to bed…One more update coming your way Thursday…maybe a quick one on Friday.





And the madness begins…

I can see from my page views here that I’m flatlining  these past few days because I haven’t posted anything….and I haven’t posted because my competition training has taken over!  This is both a good and not so good thing.  Good for me but bad as far as keeping my blog going.

While I have some time, I thought I’d write a quick update on my progress as well as some funny little anecdotes that you will hopefully appreciate.

So Sunday night my Plan arrived in my inbox from my coach, Mike Davies.  It included pretty much everything you could ask for in a plan; what to eat and when to eat, how long to workout for and what specifically to do with regards to training/cardio.

It was slightly overwhelming at first to see all these emails and instructions.  But more than apprehension, I felt excitement about finally getting on a specific plan.

Monday morning after cardio was a visit to the store to stock up on some key proteins that I was lacking, mainly flank steak and salmon.  I opted for just flank steak for now since one high priced protein is enough per week for this cheapass  low budget gal.

Without getting into every detail, I’m absolutely thrilled with this plan!  The foods I’m told to eat are already foods I like, although I had never had flank before.  I’ll be working out twice a day (cardio in the AM and weights and other cardio in the PM).

Since I just started Monday, I’m already feeling the effects.  Maybe it’s just psychological but I don’t care.  I feel a great amount of energy and I’m not starving.  I have no desire to eat anything sweet despite the fact that my Mom is making a new Christmas cookie/pastry/ everyday this week.  She offers me some but she understands why I’m saying No…for now.  Coach Mike said I can have a cheat day on Christmas as well as New Years.  Since we celebrate Christmas on the 22nd this year, I’m saving my Christmas cheat for the 26th when I’m traveling to Chicago to see my friends.  As for New Years Eve, well…this year I won’t be on crutches like last year (let’s not talk about that) I might actually go out but I’m not a huge drinker.  I’d rather EAT my cheats than drink.  So we’ll see about that.

Maybe I’m talking crazy but I don’t WANT to be able to cheat.  I think just the fact that I was told that I COULD, makes me not want to.  Why undo what I’ve worked already so hard for?

Love This!

What else has happened since my last post?  My mood has improved like, a thousand percent.  🙂

I was telling someone just the other day that I’m extremely happy lately.  Like, goofy can’t wipe this grin off my face content happy.  At first I thought it was because I’m downing Fish Oil like it’s candy once again.  And I know from past experience that stuff improves your mood.  I would also say the fact that I’m working out twice a day now and that I’m finally seeing results, is probably a huge reason for my sudden joyfulness.

I’m actually kind of upset I didn’t get myself on a real plan like this sooner.  It’s so nice to have someone telling me what to eat and when to eat it.  I never understood why my clients wouldn’t follow a meal plan.  I followed one when I had a trainer 10 years ago (wow really? unreal that I’m this old ha!) and the results were awesome!  And I didn’t even think I needed a trainer back then. (I totally did).   Maybe it helps that my goal is so lofty.  Maybe I’m celebrating way too soon.  Maybe I’m being naive about how difficult the holidays are going to be.

I’m choosing to put those maybe’s aside and all the negative thoughts and just enjoy this journey.

As for some little funny stories, here are a few:

  • I texted my friend Ronnie on day 1  (yes day 1) of this plan to say that I was sorry for ever thinking drinking egg whites out of the carton was gross and abnormal.  🙂  I haven’t gotten that desperate yet but I can completely relate to why I might have to do this.
  • I’m really appreciating the fact that I asked for a Costco membership for Christmas. 
  • I told my former co-workers at the gym I used to work at that “I’ve lost 10lbs since leaving this place!!”  Probably not the best incentive for working there, ha!
  • I’m officially a gym rat  as I now belong to 2 gyms and work at 2 other studios.
  • I’m scheduled to go on the Polar Express tonight (those who don’t have kids or are unaware of this, just google it) and I actually am already figuring out a way to pack my food on the train.  Perhaps asking for Tupperware for Christmas would have been a better gift to myself?
  • Drinking 2 gallons of water a day has been…interesting. Ha!  I feel like I’m training for my half/full marathons again!

This is all for now…More stories to come this weekend!

Happy HumpDay!!!