Becoming a Fit Family

I originally wrote this post for Rox Star Fitness. Hope you enjoy!

Is there just one person in the family that dedicates a lot of time to working out and dieting? It’s important to emphasize health and fitness all year round with all members of the family, not just one or the one that “needs to the most help.” You want to be a fit family, not just a solo fit member of an unhealthy family. Here are some tips on how to get everyone in shape so you all appreciate being a FIT FAMILY

Make every minute count:

A 15 minute walk around the block while dinner is warming up/getting ready (especially now in the summer time when there’s no homework) is a good way to get some quick work in. It’s something everyone can do and it doesn’t take a whole lot of time so there will be minimal complaining.

– Limit electronic device time and increase “hands-free” time. When it’s time to sit down as a family, the phones get turned off. Spend that time doing something active or at least talking and nix the texting for awhile. It’s amazing what you can get accomplished when there isn’t a computer or a tablet or a phone nearby.

– I know many families who belong to their local rec center. Although you may go there together as a family, many branch off and do their own thing which works really well. Mom goes to the gym, Dad plays basketball, the kids are swimming. This way you all get to do what you want at the same time.

Get them involved:

– Take progress pics – as a family. This could be as simple as your standard family photo done every year but you could take iPhone photo’s every month. This is a good lesson to the young teens (especially young girls) that the scale is not a good indicator of progress. Although they might be so little and young that they won’t see immediate changes, it could be a cool experiment to see how different they change every few months.

– When trying new recipes, have the family give their feedback and mark it down as something you would make again if everyone loved it. If it got more thumbs down than thumbs up, toss that one out or adjust some flavoring and to prepare it so all palates will be pleased.

– I’m a huge fan of bringing your kids with you to the grocery store. Of course, some kids like to just run up and down the aisles asking for everything they see on TV. But if they’re a little older, they might want to help out and tell you what THEY like to eat. Who knows, they might surprise you by saying they like to eat their veggies. If you’re concerned they’ll just beg for you to buy them the junk, adhere to the basic “perimeter only” rule, and you won’t even tempt them by walking down those aisles.

– Read the labels/ingredients together if you do get something that comes in a box so they can learn what you’re looking for and WHY you won’t be buying them certain snacks. “If we can’t pronounce it, we don’t buy it.” Or “See this has food coloring in it, we don’t want to eat that!”

Extra Curricular Activity:

– When one child has a game or somewhere to be, try not to SIT and watch but find some place to stand and watch or walk around if you can. Sometimes this isn’t possible but it helps if you already have a sedentary job, to put a limit on sitting the rest of the day.

– In addition, when you’re sitting, you’re more prone to EAT and snack in between meals, sometimes on things that aren’t so good for you. And if kids see this behavior, they might copy it. So set a good example for them!

Be on the same page:

Many people fail at diets and staying or maintaining their weight that they’ve worked so hard to lose once they feel they can just “go back to normal.” Your spouse or kids might be influencing this behavior as well, indirectly. They might say, “You’re at your goal so just relax and eat (insert favorite snack here).” But that might be a trigger for you. And chances are, no, you can’t just go back to normal because normal may have been sugar loaded, fat laden, carb heavy foods that made you unhealthy to begin with. Make sure everyone is on board with staying healthy because if just one family member isn’t all about it, it can derail you right off the health boat and before you know it, you’re back to square one again.

– Have healthy snacks prepared for the kids (and yes even the spouse) to take with them to school/work. Explain WHY it’s a healthy snack (it has fiber, it has little sugar, it’s a good source of protein, etc) so they know why this snack was chosen as opposed to something else.

– Carve out time to play and have fun, as a family. Pick one time once a day (or even once a week if it’s just too busy) to say “This is a time when we ALL have to do something active.” Call it Family Time, or Fun Time, or something. Make it an appointment you would never miss and put it in the calendar. Choose something you all would like to do – play a game outdoors or indoors, do some yardwork, get in the pool, go to the park, anything. As long as you’re doing it as a family, it’s a great time to bond as well as stay healthy.

These might seem simple and easy tips but believe it or not, families that stay in shape are rare these days. Everyone is busy with their own schedules and plans so sometimes it’s hard to be together often enough to develop this habit. Try it out, stick with it, be consistent and track your progress of your new FIT FAMILY!

Big News, Big Quads and Big Guns

Just a few weeks into 2014 and it’s already starting off with some big news:

I’m one of just a few selected bloggers chosen to submit posts to IFBB Pro Physique Competitor Roxie Beckles website: Muscle is the New Sexy.  This is a great opportunity for me and I’m thrilled to be a part of Roxie’s world. Give her site a look, it’s a wonderful community for females who lift and want to know more about the science of metabolism, workouts appropriate for your level, and nutrition tips too.  It’s helpful for women of ALL fitness levels, not just competitors.

Progress news for me – I’m gettin bigger–  And yes, I blogged about this recently but in my quest to put more muscle on this bod, I love to report the progress because I think it’s important for my readers to see how long this process (yes, that darn P word) takes.

120lbs and feeling AWESOME!
120lbs and feeling AWESOME!

As distressing as it can be to see the scale go up and up, especially when I was in a deficit for so long with my calories, it’s actually really exciting to see the progress and the gains in the mirror.  I try to ignore the scale because, even when your goal is fat loss or muscle gain, it’s all about how you feel when you see those muscles in the mirror and in pictures.  And right now, I feel Damn good!

I’m almost 12 weeks into coaching with Lean Bodies Consulting and although I could quit right now and try things on my own, I have no desire to walk away from this.  Just as my own clients invest in me, I’m investing in my coach and I’m in it for as long as I am able.  It wouldn’t make sense to quit on something that’s working so well.  I even told my coach that my shoulders looks to big to me I feel like I’m a linebacker….and I mean this in a good way! 🙂

Another reason 2014 is off to a great start:  My clients.  I’m so appreciative of these awesome people who have decided to train with me.  Over the course of the next few months I plan on putting up their progress photos so they can become the next Inspirations.  Be on the lookout for those!

Until next time, Happy Food Prep Day!  (isn’t this what everyone does on Sundays?) 🙂

Peak Week Jitters

This week began what’s called Peak Week for me, the week of the competition.

My plan from Coach Ben was not such a big difference when I first looked at it.  The one big thing was that I got to do cardio!  I even sent him a message saying how I was kind of excited at the thought of doing HIIT training the next morning in addition to my usual weight training.

Hey guess what I realized very quickly the next day???  I don’t miss cardio.

Considering that I had done my weight training and then an hour of cardio afterwards for a grand total of almost two hours at the gym, I was TOAST.  It was great to work up a huge sweat like that but I cannot believe people voluntarily go to the gym and workout for that long on a regular basis.  Hell, I can’t believe I used to RUN (okay JOG) for that long and even longer when I trained for my half and full marathons.  No Thanks!

I only have one more cardio session on Thursday morning and that will be it.

The other big change for me is staying at my low-carb amount for longer than I’m used to.  I used to switch off (kind of like carb cycling) with high carb and low carb days.  Well, today marks day number 4 of low carb.  Let me tell ya, I’m not used to this.  I was very foggy on Monday morning after my workout and I was kind of out of it again this morning with my client.  But, it went away after awhile and although I like telling people “Oh yeah, it’s my lack of carbs, that’s why I forgot (insert ditzy mistake here).”  It makes for a really good excuse but I can’t help but wonder that it’s just because I’m having more than my usual blonde moments. 🙂

Tomorrow I can only drink water…no more crystal light crap or my energy drinks (yes, I became addicted to some of them i’m ashamed to say).  But I can do this…I survived most of my adult life without them, I can certainly handle a few more days of not having them.

Then Friday…..The FUN begins.  I get to carbo load.  And omg I’m SOOOO looking forward to that.

Prepare for a slew of Instagram pics of all my carbo loaded meals.  Nom Nom Nom!!

Possibly one more update before the show.

In the meantime, here are some shots from the posing seminar I attended two weeks ago with some fantastic ladies who I may be competing with.

Top is a little low...oops.
Top is a little low…oops.


I say “with” and not “against.”  I feel a sense of camaraderie with my fellow figure gals.  Especially the ones who are like me, having never done this before.  Cannot wait to hang backstage and get to know them better.

Off to bed…One more update coming your way Thursday…maybe a quick one on Friday.





This is a piece of cake…said no one ever.

Mmmmmm cake….I could go for some of that right about now.

Oh wait, I did.   A few days ago I DID have a piece of cake!  

It looked something like this: Irish-Cheese-and-Bacon-Cheesecake-With-Walnut-Crust-3461

My first dessert since Memorial Day and my last for the next 14 weeks.  The occasion?  A wedding.  Worth every bite?  You betcha. 🙂

Would I do it again? No.  Although the damage was minimal (although it’s hard to say ANY damage occurred since it’s only been 48 hours since that lovely piece of cheesecake went into my belly) I would not indulge again while training for this competition.

So how do I do it?  How do I say no to “cheats” and “extras” for 14 weeks?

I have no idea to be honest.

I suppose, as my coach put it today, “it’s building momentum.”  I have to harness this momentum I’ve created to keep going.  I hate using the phrase “stay the course” because it sounds so lame and all I can think of is former Prez George Bush (or was it his dad?) that kept saying that in his speeches…but that’s pretty much what it is. 

How do I stay on track when all I really want to do is head to the drive thru and order the juiciest burger and the largest order of fries and stuff my face and turn into this person?  

That looks delicious, by the way.
That looks delicious, by the way.

How does anyone stick to any goal?

Well, I will tell you what doesn’t work for me:

  • Fitspiration or Fitspo or Fitness Inspiration or whatever you want to call it.  It’s this:

3 and this tumblr_mgg9p4feIM1s2vdxlo1_500 and this c2b4f03567874cb48becd0de49d2e5f6_2 and all of these photo

I can read and post and share all of those pics all damn day (and trust me, I HAVE) and you know what?  I still want that cheeseburger.

  • Selfies of  Figure Pro’s.

66361_10100282891899546_1121921241_n 382722_641875359175853_1296022617_n 1005558_509336022453855_1535692298_n


I admit in the beginning I would follow and FB stalk and ReTweet and comment on many of my favorite ladies in the biz.  And I continue to follow some of them but the frequency of selfies of my ladies from their car on the way to the grocery store is just a little too much for me some days.  Still luv ’em but….yeah, I need a little break.

You know who I do follow lately?  REAL WOMEN.  Like Jenn and Cori and Jonie.

These are real women, some with figure aspirations, some just wanting to get healthy.  These ladies are not professionals, yet their posts and pics motivate me to do better.  And sometimes I get a message back about how I inspire others, and that’s when I walk away from the fridge.  I know it’s not worth the disappointment I would feel afterwards.

  • Anti-Social Activity

I was definitely under the impression I had to stay indoors and hibernate in order to avoid cravings/cheats.   Several months later I realize that is entirely unnecessary.  You can’t stop living, you can’t avoid birthday parties, celebrations, cookouts, holidays.  They will always be there.  I avoided them like the plague in the beginning or did my best to attend for just a short period of time and escape unscathed.  But the more you actually put yourself in those situations, the more likely you are to learn how to use them to your advantage. 

Example:  Attending a party by bringing something most guests will enjoy but you also can have without going over the limit.  Mothers Day is my best example:  Talk about a holiday I wished didn’t exist this year for obvious reasons – this was something I was dreading.  The plan was to have brunch at my sister’s house.  Normally I would just head over there and eat whatever she was making.  In this case, my aunt decided to make chocolate chip pancakes from scratch.  Oy! 

Knowing this had “Carb Overload” written all over it, I purposely searched for a low-carb pancake to make for myself.   I brought all the ingredients, made it, and it was a huge success!

Did I want those sweet delicious looking chocolate chip pancakes?  HELL YES!

What kept me from reaching over and eating “just one?” 

Honestly, I was genuinely full.  I planned and counted and weighed and measured those ingredients to a T.  And the feeling of empowerment afterwards when you know you’ve avoided eating something off plan is probably the best feeling of accomplishment and WELL worth it. 

The cravings will never go away.   They linger.   They just aren’t staring me in the face anymore.   As long as I don’t feed them, they stay silent.

I posted pic below on FB yesterday and thought it worth sharing again to conclude today’s post. 

Thanks for reading!


 I look at this every morning now as a reminder of how far I have to go and the hard work that I must put forth everyday to get there. No time for slip ups unless I want to take a few steps backwards.

There’s no better feeling than crossing something off the list when it’s ACCOMPLISHED, but there’s no WORSE feeling than erasing it completely because you failed to even try.


Officially Official

BREAKING NEWS:  My blog is now officially  

I’m a DOT COM!

What does this mean??!!! 

Umm…not sure. 🙂

What I do know is that I’m one step closer to making From Fit To Figure a brand name.  My own brand.  But, seeing as though I’m gaining followers everyday, I would love some feedback as to what you, my loyal reader/follower, see as the future of this website. 

Just a blog?

Just me?

A community of women?

A competitor website?

A resource for competitors/wannabe competitors?



There are about a bazillion websites out there, many of which offer the SAME thing to the SAME audience for the SAME price.

In case it’s not obvious, I want to offer something DIFFERENT.  I’m still brainstorming, but feel free to put on your thinking cap as well if you would like and drop me a comment about what YOU would do if you had a website geared towards fitness.  

Happy Friday!Read More »

Interview with First Time Bikini Competitor Michelle Hogan

I recently had the pleasure of Interviewing an NPC Bikini Competitor named Michelle Hogan.  She  won 2nd place in the Women Masters Bikini Division!  This was her very first competition, not too shabby for this working Mom and Wife, right?!

As I mentioned in my last post, I really wanted to attend this show considering it is the Spring version of my fall show.  However, time/work/monetary obligations prevented me from doing so.  It’s all good though because Michelle still gets to tell HER story of how she came to the stage as well as her future plans.  Thank you Michelle for being so candid about your experience.  It is definitely appreciated!    Special shout out to her trainer at Life Time Fitness in Columbus, Brian Taylor and Ripple Swimwear for the design of her suit!

DSC_0032 Backside

1.  What made you decide to pursue a bikini competition?

I decided to try a bikini competition for a couple of reasons. My trainer asked me last year and I turned him down. I thought it was just not my personality to do something like this. However, after working out for a year after that and watching two girls who did compete and how their bodies shaped, I was envious. I had been spending my time training for races and wasn’t happy with how I looked…at all! In the last few years I did a half marathon, an 8 hour adventure sport race which consisted of CONTINUOUS running on the beach, kayaking, mountain biking and orienteering, the Tough Mudder in Indiana in NOVEMBER! And lastly a triathlon, sub kayaking for the swim. I did extremely well in all of these, and the satisfaction of completing them was awesome. I trained hard with the help of my trainer, ran A LOT, but I still didn’t see what I wanted in the mirror. I was highly motivated by the calories burned on my heart rate monitor and sort of began to think that a good work had to burn a lot, and if it didn’t, then my countless miles of running would.

When he asked me again in January I decided to think about it, talked it over with my husband, he gave me his support and I decided to go for it.  I just wanted something different and I wanted a goal. In my last event I wrecked on my bike and was pretty badly injured. I crossed the finish with a blood gushing hand which I had ridden my bike for 10 miles with. I was planning to re-challenge myself to it again in May until I decided on the competition.

 2. What was your fitness/exercise history prior to training for this competition?  (example: running, lifting, cardio classes?)

I lifted 3 to 4 days a week and ran 2-3 days. Basically more of a 50/50 with running and weight training. When I started the training for the competition the cardio went away completely (Which I ended up LOVING) except for sprints during training and the weight training went to 6 days…also loved:)

3.  What was your family/friends reaction when you told them you were going to get in a bikini on a stage?


This is funny…because I was too embarrassed to tell anyone, very few people knew! This was way outside my comfort zone and I didn’t know how to describe the show to people who might not know anything about without making it sound sleazy for lack of a better word. I was afraid of judgement too. I wish it was called something else instead of a “Bikini Competition”. As I started to tell a few people I was amazed at the support and that some people knew someone else that had done one. My office got really into it and were totally cheering me on. It was great. I work out with a group of women and men and their support and encouragement was really motivating as well. Most of them didn’t even know but as I “transformed” they started to comment on how I was looking and then it started to come out.

4. Did you get a custom made suit? If so, who did you order your suit from?  Are you happy with the choice of suit?

I did get a custom suit from a fabulous girl, JoAnne Hopkins of Ripple Swimwear. JoAnne made me feel so comfortable and confident. It was really a great experience. I am very happy with my suit color and design. JoAnne picked the color for me because I was clueless and trusted her expertise and experience. We narrowed the colors down but she ultimately said what she thought was best.

5.  Who was your coach/How did you find him? 

I work out at Lifetime Fitness with Brian Taylor. He did my diet too. I was working out with Brian prior to choosing to do a show. He has been an amazing trainer, friend, trusted adviser. I never doubted him for one second. He told me what to do and I did it, no questions.

6. What would you say was the most challenging part of your training? (example: diet choices, getting to the gym, balancing training with family, etc?)

I like the options you list here because oddly, the diet was a piece of cake…ooh that sounds good right now:) Haha. I am a very health conscious and healthy eater so the diet wasn’t all that different. Except for one thing; I was a vegetarian.  Fish was the only thing I agreed to eat and that was hard for me. That’s a whole other blog post though. The hardest part, to answer your question, was juggling the gym, working full time as a Realtor, and my husband and daughter. It was impossible to avoid letting this competition take over. I am so lucky to have a supportive husband. And my 5 year old…she cheered my on every day!  We called it my “program”. I didn’t want to use the word diet but something had to explain why I wasn’t eating ice cream and junk. So i would just say, “I can’t have that right now because of my program.” She would get a little bummed sometimes but then I would say “It’s okay, because Mommy wants to WIN”! Then she would get all excited.

7. Was there a time when you weren’t sure you wanted to keep training?  Did you ever feel a lack of motivation?


I never felt like I wanted to stop. I was so motivated! There was a period of a few weeks where I got really extremely busy with work and that was also right around the Spring forward time change. I was overwhelmed, but I stayed on track and got through it.

8. Did you ever experience what some would consider an “obsession with food?”  In other words, did you ever feel like you would fail or immediately gain weight if you had something “off plan?”  

I totally have an obsession with food. That was another reason I didn’t do it last year. I was way more under control for this than I would have been then. I thought about food a lot, but staying really focused on the plan made it easier, developing that new habit. It’s always in the back on my mind that I’ll gain weight, unfortunately. I think it will get easier as I keep going. I just asked my trainer for a pep talk Sunday, because of the picking and nibbling this week. A good lecture every now and then really works for me to keep me straight.

9. What was the show like? Did you find it to be well-organized?

The show was…interesting. I was so nervous and it was overwhelming. I had a friend that I trained with that is a figure competitor that not only helped me a TON before the show but also drove up that morning. She saved me, I was like a lost kitten:) After pre-judging she headed back and it was like, “ok, gotta be a big girl now and get through this.” I carried the day’s schedule around with me and looked at it about a hundred times! The makeup was a little weird for me. They put it on heavy! And the tan…well, just wait. No shame there, everyone is naked! Bending over, turning legs, raising arms. You just go with it. Standing in the tents staring at the naked person across from me was weird! Your arms are sticking out so that they don’t touch anything and you’re turning 1/4 turns every 30 seconds in the fan drying. I can only imagine what each girl is thinking, lol.

So there was one mishap with the show that happened. I was a cross-over for masters and at finals after getting my 2nd place trophy I headed off stage with the other women and the line guy was sending out Class A. I couldn’t get in the line up in time and they “scratched” me. I was really ticked and it was not how I wanted the show to end and was very conflicted. On one hand thrilled and the other pissed! They could have escorted me out to my place in line or something but no one seemed to know what to do. My name was called but I was standing behind the curtain, helpless. I ended up with 6th place but should have had 5th. I sent a professional email explaining what had happened to Dave Lieberman and Todd Pember and got a very nice and extremely apologetic call from Todd the next morning.

10. Would you consider doing another competition in the future? 

Yes! I’m competing in the Mike Francois Classic May 11th in Westerville and I’m planning to do the Julie Palmer Show in Dayton in June 1st. Then I think I will chill for the summer, enjoy the bounty of summer produce and pick back up in the fall.

11.  What advice would you give to the first-time competitor?  

If you know of someone who has done a show or even better the one you are doing, ask them for support and to come along. I had a friend who was a huge support and came to my show. That was amazing and helped me so much, and my husband as well, though he was a first-timer. Also, give yourself a meal here and there that is off the diet. I took a few throughout my training on Sundays after my 2nd leg workout day. My favorite day of the week!

12. What was your favorite part of this journey? 

My favorite part of this journey was seeing my body transform. It was so motivating.

13.  Did you seek out any information/advice before you started training from others who also competed? (Facebook pages, websites, etc?) 

I really didn’t. I just sat down and talked to a girl in my training group that has competed for some insight.

14. Any other information/experience you would like to share?

It’s almost impossible not to let this training take over everything. For me, I juggled full time work and taking care of my family and this competition was very much the center of the universe. That is something that I plan to work on now that I have this show under my belt so that my husband and daughter don’t think this is the most important thing in the world. I know my husband was frustrated at times because of the lack of “food” in the house, i.e junk, but he stuck with me and in the end was so extremely supportive and excited for me.

Also, buy quality food. Good produce, wild fish. I sought out some good spice blends for my fish that didn’t have salt that really helped flavor up my food. Look for ways to get creative. I make a fabulous protein brownie for my nighttime snack! Get good whey also.  Beverly International UMP is the BEST protein powder.

15.  Speaking of supplements, what did you take, if any, during your training?  

About three or four weeks into my diet I was complaining to my friend about my nails breaking and splitting because I was no longer having dairy. She told me about the Super Pak daily vitamin and that its specifically designed for people who do these shows, body build, etc, who are on a restricted diet possibly eliminating certain vitamins from foods they would otherwise be having, such as dairy. That helped a ton! I noticed a difference in about a week.  Sometime about 2/3 of the way to the show, she told me about 7-Keto Musclean and Lean Out, which I had read about but not ordered. So I decided to try those too! I really liked the 7-Keto because it gave me a pick me up. I don’t drink caffeinated drinks but the one thing I did not realize with the 7-Keto is that if I miss it, which I did the other day, I got a caffeine withdraw headache. Not happy about that but I do like it. I’m not sure the Lean Out really did much, but I’m still taking it

Lastly, my trainer recommended ZMA 2000 to take at night right before bed for recovery of the muscle. I totally think it works and I take it with one melatonin at night.

Thanks again Michelle, this was very motivating for me personally to “keep going.”  I hope this interview inspires some of you readers too! 

Addicted to the Scale – When the Number Rules Your Life

This is my first Guest Blog Post from a friend of mine.  I was close to tears reading this.  She sent this to me asking where and how she could spread the word because no doubt other women can relate.  She didn’t want to start her own blog, so in the meantime I’m posting it here. Please comment and share because this is all-too common and I feel that MANY women (maybe even some men), no matter what the scale says, are feeling these emotions right now and could use this “Challenge” to empower them and finally say NO to those numbers.

I have an addiction.  On the spectrum of addictions, it’s not the worst.  It’s not even crippling.  I guess you would say I am a high functioning addict.  I can carry about my day normally, but I think about it all day.  I think about the next time I get to do it.  I tell myself I need to stop.  I wonder if I can beat it the next day and the day after and never do.  I am addicted to my scale.  I get a literal high when I see the number go down and I beat myself up all day when it goes up.  It can make or break my mood in one beep of the digital display.

It is never one beep though.  There is a system.  Every morning, I wake up.  I can feel my heart rate pick up as I go down to the bathroom.  I wonder if I will see a new and lower number.  Will today be the day I hit an all time low?  I take all my clothes off and I pee so as to be sure to rid myself of every last ounce.  Then I tap the button with my foot and step on.  I don’t look down until it has beeped.  Then I do it again.  I take the best of three.  Sometimes I take the best of five.  On my worst days I take the best of 7.  When it is up, I remind myself of the foods I ate the day before and chastise myself for not having more self control.  I tell myself I sabotaged my goals once again.  I tell myself I will do better today.

I am abusing myself.  I know that I am.  It is mental and emotional abuse.  It is not something I would ever allow another human being do to me.  That is the irony.  I am a strong woman.  I would never let someone treat me the way that I treat myself when I am locked away in that dark tiny room with my own thoughts.  The mantra in my head from my childhood, “If you just lost 5 lbs, you’d be so pretty.”  It’s on repeat.  It’s ridiculous.  I know that.  And except for that pesky number, I actually really like myself.  I like who I am.  I am kind and friendly and fun.  I am a pretty woman.  I’m a size 8 pant size.  I am currently the thinnest and healthiest I have ever been in my life.  Another irony, but it’s not enough.  It’s not “ just 5 more lbs”.

This becomes even more ridiculous when you know what I have done in my life.  A little over 9 years ago I was over 200 lbs. and a size 18 pant size.  I worked diligently to lose over 50 lbs by slowly knocking out one bad habit after another.  I have run 3 half marathons, one full and many other shorter races.  I have given birth to 3 kids in 2 years (this includes running one of those half marathons 19 weeks pregnant with twins).  I regularly get compared to Anne Hathaway in my appearance. Do you want to slap me across the face yet?  I want to slap me too. 

So today, I woke up and went down to the bathroom.  This time, instead of hopping on the scale to see what “damage” I had done after a fun night out with friends, I took the batteries out of the scale.  I put the scale upstairs in the bedroom closet.  I put the batteries in the kitchen.  No more scale.  I am not going to lie to you and say never again.  I am giving myself 3 months.  Today is February 8th.  I will not bring it out until May 8th.  I am scared.  Truly terrified.  I am afraid that if I can’t monitor my weight and keep myself in check, I will be a size 18 again in no time.  I don’t know why, because I’m not going to change anything else except for not getting on the scale.

I am not doing this just for myself.  I am also doing it for my daughters.  The twins are too young still, but my 3 year old is not.  She is old enough to watch me.  She is old enough to ask me if she can get on the scale too.  And she has.  She thinks it is fun.  It beeps.  I think it is heart breaking.  I would never want my daughter, who is beautiful, smart, kind and funny to ever think that she is not these things because of a number.  It will be bad enough that she will have to battle with society about what is “beautiful” when she gets older.  She does not need it from her own mother too.  I know that I am the first and most important model of what healthy is.  And if it weren’t for the scale, I would consider myself very healthy.

This seed to stop obsessing about my weight was planted a few days ago.  Two people posted things on facebook.  One was about how inaccurate scales really are in telling us how healthy we are or are not.  The other was a before and after picture of a woman who had gained 10 lbs in the last year and placed 5th in a fitness competition.  10 lbs!  Ten.  Pounds.  She is a lean mean muscle machine.  I’ll give you one guess what my New Year’s Resolution is, to gain lean muscle. 

So now the scale is away.  Nothing else is going to change.  I’m going to continue to eat clean, workout out every day.  Get stronger.  Try not to beat myself up in the process if I indulge in the occasional baked treat or pizza night with my amazing husband or the even rarer night out with friends.   But now my goal isn’t just to get stronger physically, but to also get stronger mentally and emotionally.  I need to do it for myself first.  I need to do it for my daughters.