Eat this, not that or that and definitely not THAT!

Trying my first blog post via the mobile WordPress App..and with one hand! I would try to insert a picture of why I only have one hand but I have no clue how to upload pics via this app.
Short explanation: I have an IV stuck in the other hand. ( I’m okay, no need to panic)
Just a quick entry on Stress eating. I’m confessing I had a particularly bad day yesterday. Coupled with good old female issues made my good eating habits go right out the window.
I proceeded to eat anything in sight while at work. Luckily I work at a personal training studio so my options were limited to Clif Bars and peanut butter…and perhaps some string cheese that someone left in the fridge…..I couldn’t let that cheese go to waste could I??? A tablespoon (or two) of PB later I still felt hungry. And stressed. And did I mention cranky???
The two string cheeses were my next victims. I think I tore those puppies open like it was my last meal on earth. Pathetic.
Did I mention the expiration date on them was July?
The clif bar was smashed within minutes as well…
I know…this isn’t much of a pig out fest like most people think of when they think of someone falling off the “diet” wagon. But for me, this was a definite low point.
After having slept on it, I’m chalking it up to my first “challenge.”
I think I may have lost this one. Next month, I vow to be prepared.
Prepare for a fight string cheese! You’re going down!!

Random song playing on iTunes: Heaven by Bryan Adams
Random tweet: I haven’t tweeted yet today…so I’ll just say GO VOTE!