Voices of Reason

A super short post tonight to kick off 2016. Hope you all like it!

While having lunch with a friend of mine, she remarked, “Michelle, I hear your voice in my head every time I think about my diet. You said something that has stuck with me over the years: It’s not all about cardio and exercising all the time. Your diet matters more.”

I was telling her this while I was training for my bodybuilding competition. It’s something I have told clients repeatedly and most of them listen to me. But some still don’t believe me.

While exercise and working out is important for overall general health, it’s not the end all be all. What is most important is what we are feeding our bodies. What do we consider our fuel?

What do we shop for at the grocery store and put in our cart as the “best” we can do for ourselves and our families?

What do we consider a “once a year indulgence” and is it really worth it?

It’s interesting that my friend hears my voice in her head. Because I hear voices in my head (it’s healthy, I swear) from people in my past that have said similar things that have stuck with me.  A few that I think are worth sharing:

  • “Don’t focus on the number, (your weight, the weight on the bar, number of days, number of weeks you’ve been trying this) focus on the task at hand and conquer THAT.”
  • “If there’s a food or snack that you know isn’t all that healthy, why do you keep buying it?” (and if you say it’s for your kids, why isn’t their health as important as yours?)
  • “Not every occasion/get together/event is a reason to EAT something.”
  • “Start working out before you have a chance to talk yourself out of it.”
  • “If you’re tempted to eat that garbage food, think about how you felt the last time you ate it.” (Garbage in…garbage out)
  • “You’re not supposed to feel guilty if you screw up. Guilt is for criminals. You just made a poor choice. Choose wisely next time.”

And the most important voice…

“Sleep trumps all. So get plenty!”




Be Better Today Than You Were Yesterday

It’s been quite a whirlwind week for me complete with a few cheat meals snacks, like a couple chocolate covered Oreos.  They were worth the calories I tell ya!  But when stressful times hit, I do my best not to let myself fall completely off the wagon.  I was almost going to count this week as a complete derailment when I remembered all the things I actually did well:

1. I hit my water goal most of the days this week with the exception of Wednesday.

2. I still managed to eat every 2-3 hours even if some of the meals were “off plan.”

3. I did my taxes (Hey, this is big for me okay?)

I’m not letting one or two or even three little slip ups this week get me down.  A couple missed workouts due to just being mentally and physically exhausted won’t hurt me in the long run.  Quite the opposite – I think I needed the time to rest.  I’m doing my best to LISTEN to my body when it tells me “Okay enough CARDIO, you need to SLEEP already!”  So I’m obeying.  The time off was worth it too because this morning’s workout was LEGS and I put some new numbers on the bar today for my deadlifts and my squats. (Happy Dance!)

In the meantime, I put part of this quote on my bathroom mirror as a reminder to me.  No matter how “bad” I was or may have been, you always (God willing) get a new day to start fresh. 

Today will be better than yesterday.


Random Tweet of the Day courtesy of: @Jensteer:  “By the way, I have stayed away from the food table today. There’s cake and I didn’t touch it.” 

Jen deserves props for this because she’s constantly surrounded by horrible not so great food/snacks at her job.  I applaud her efforts to stay away from temptation. 🙂

Random Tweet of the Day Part 2 courtesy of: @DCapriato “Pulled a @mishypic and took before photos to see where this month’s fitness goals get me. Totally not sharing until I have afters, though!”

Kudos to Danielle for putting herself out there! Looking forward to seeing her progress!