Start Your Day With Prayer

Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas

Grant me, O Lord my God, a mind to know you, a heart to seek you, wisdom to find you, conduct pleasing to you, faithful perseverance in waiting for you, and a hope of finally embracing you. Amen.

 Do you start your day with a prayer? A prayer of gratitude, or even just the words “Help me, Jesus?” Prayers are just conversations with God. Sometimes people think they have to be these long, memorized, recited words. But they don’t!

Sometimes you can just start your day with a simple “Thank you God for another day to worship you.”

Or “I’m not sure what to say today Lord but I just wanted to say thanks for blessing me with all that I have.”

This prayer above from St. Thomas Aquinas is a great one that sums up what many of us need everyday.

“A mind to know God” – There’s a saying that you fill your mind with God’s word before you even get out of bed, that way it leaves little else for your mind to be “littered” with throughout the day. Have God always on your brain.

“A heart to seek God” – Always be searching for Him. You don’t know to look very far. He’s near us, He created us, He is in us.

“Wisdom to find God” – Reading devotionals like this one are a great way to seek wisdom. Of course the Bible provides all the wisdom about God that you could possibly need. Saturate your mind with His words.

“Conduct pleasing to God” – This is probably one of the more difficult requests. Do you conduct yourself throughout the day in a manner that would be pleasing to God?

“Faithful perseverance in waiting for God” – One day we will meet God. In the meantime we must wait for Him with great anticipation.

“A hope of finally embracing God” – This prayer ends with words of comfort. Picture the final embrace you will receive once you finally pass from this life and into the next. It shouldn’t cause you any distress; it should give you comfort to know that we will one day meet Our Father.

Fit in Your Faith Today: Start everyday with a prayer. It can be as simple or as short or as long as you want. You’re having a conversation with God; talk to Him. Use St. Thomas’ prayer if you want. Or come up with your own. Create this habit and note if you feel or find yourself in better spirits because of this great way to start your day!

Have an Attitude with Gratitude


A few times today I either read a text or another blog post or a status update that had some distressing or discouraging health issues.  I took a step back and realized I am so very lucky to be healthy.

One person blogged about how she has all these symptoms that no doctor/endocrinologist/internist/GI can seem to diagnose.  Another status update came from a person suffering from Crohn’s who has chronic joint pain from her medication (she’s supposedly in her 20’s and feels ancient).  Ironically she’s on the same medication I’m on.  Then there was the picture of a fitness competitor who had a stroke last year (while on the stage by the way) and is 40 years old and still trying to live a healthy life.  She posted a pic of her wearing a heart monitor for the next 30 days so her docs can monitor her heart beat.  Lastly, got a text from Mom that her chemo is working and her doctor is hopeful and encouraged.

This last one of course made me feel great, but more importantly I’m feeling grateful.  Grateful that I don’t have these illnesses, these symptoms, these downright scary diseases that some people have.

However, everyone that takes their health seriously like these people, are fighters.  They aren’t giving up.  They aren’t asking Why Me.  They are fighting everyday.  So today, everyday, I will try to think of these people, even though they are strangers and faceless or I just see them on a social network somewhere. I will think of THEIR fight and how they are choosing to move on and live their life despite their health concerns.

Here’s to happy and healthy weekend!