The Honeymoon is Over – Saying Goodbye to the Bulk

I officially started my dieting phase on Monday and ended the building phase.  It’s been 26 weeks since the last time I had NO plan – No lifting and No meal plan.  And it’s been about 14 months since I’ve done any cardio (I don’t count the 3 cardio sessions I did the week of my competition).

Last week I was under orders from my coach to take off, no lifting and no planned meals for an entire week.  The result?  See here:


I gained just 1lb, half an inch in my waist (BOO) half an inch in the hips (YAY!), half an inch in each leg, (YAY!), and of course, 1.5inches in my stomach. (BOO).

So you might think I’m upset about this but keep in mind, this was the result of being ON plan one week and being OFF one week.  It was such a much needed break for my body.  I did enjoy a few runs fast walks during the weekend while the weather was nice, a few alcoholic beverages, and celebrating Easter a week early with carbs galore.  If this is the result of that, then I’m really pleased.

So these are the STARTING numbers for my cutting phase.  I’m logging all of my food until I get a detailed plan from my coach which is due to arrive any minute now.  I took in about 1600 calories yesterday and am on track to do about the same today.  I worked legs yesterday and upper body today.  I’m holding off on cardio until I get my plan because, as I’ve learned, it’s all diet. 🙂  And the less cardio I have to do to shed this extra layer, the better and happier I’ll be.

I thought about ending my bulking phase with a little Ode to Food..but I’m not feeling the creative juices flowing on that one.  So here are some Lessons Learned instead:

  • The scale is my friend…the food scale that is.  I don’t care who you are, when you slap exactly 90ounces of tilapia or exactly 85grams of chicken on the scale, it’s like a little mini celebration.  As pathetic as it sounds, I can’t help but think “HELL YEAH I’M A ROCK STAR”  for being able to eye-ball what 85grams is and then to be right on the money?  Okay it’s silly but I feel pretty damn awesome for doing it.
  • You can never get tired of peanut butter.  Did you know there are people out there who don’t love peanut butter?  How dare they!  I learned to control my cravings by making my own in my VitaMix.  It’s amazing what you WON’T devour when you’ve made it yourself.  And when you’re super cheap frugal like me.
  • Good Food Attitude Required.  You cannot possibly enter a bulking phase with a bad relationship with food.  Of course, you can’t diet with one either.  But I would say you better have a positive attitude because when you consume a lot of it, you don’t want to HATE food.  You don’t want to HATE what it’s doing to your body.  You’re getting larger and larger and clothes aren’t fitting but don’t hate on the food.  It’s doing what it’s supposed to.  You’re training your body to grow and you have to keep in mind that a surplus of food is necessary to achieve this.
  • Body Image is Everything.  To go along with the food attitude, if you are miserable with how you look, you won’t last long.  It’s not easy to see my six pack go away, it’s not a cake walk to step on the scale and record the new number, and it’s damn annoying to try on clothes that fit 3 months ago that can’t get past your hips.  But it’s just the way things work.  It’s the way your body responds to added muscle (plus a little fat).
  • If eating an entire plate of asparagus is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.  There’s not really a lesson here.  I just love asparagus.  And I will never ever ever get tired of it. 🙂

Dieting progress posts will be forthcoming, as well as some much requested Workout posts.  I’ve been asked to blog a 20 minute Hotel Workout for those clients of mine who travel frequently.  So be on the lookout for that! 


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Happy Training!




One Perfect Week

So for those who follow me on my FB page, you know I had a goal last week of being absolutely on point with my diet for 7 days straight.

I made it 5 days before I caved and had a cheat meal.  But in this phase of my training, the building phase, it’s incredibly easy to just have a little extra with no detrimental effects on the physique.  At least none that I’ve noticed thus far.

According to my coach, I can save this “hardcore” goal for the dieting phase.  Right now, I’m trying to enjoy the fact that I get to be in a surplus and enjoy my food and continue to train heavy.

I’ve updated the Muscle Building Pics page with photos from the past month.  New pics will be added a week from today.  I don’t anticipate huge changes but in case you can’t tell from the photos, I’m growing quite the nice booty. I was always told in order to get a butt, I would either have to get pregnant (no thanks) or be blessed with good genetics.

Well, I got my Mom’s flat butt genes, and I still managed to grow one. 🙂
Looking back at my starting measurements – you can see I’m growing in all the right places.  It’s STILL scary to see that number on the scale go up every week but, just like a dieting phase, it’s not permanent.


With that said, I’m STILL going to shoot for 7 perfect days in a row.  It’s gonna be tough with tomorrow being Fat Tuesday – (What appropriate timing!)  I wanted to get a Paczki in honor of my Mom.  That was the last holiday she celebrated before she passed.  But, to be honest, I’m not such a huge fan of them that I MUST have one.  I can possibly try to fit them into my plan tomorrow but without knowing exactly what’s in one, I think I’ll pass.  Not quite worth the calories.

I might not make it 7 perfect days, but by saying it on here, I feel like I have a little bit more accountability from my readers who might be curious to see if I can do it.

What about you?  If you feel like you need a fire lit under your (growing) butt, give yourself a challenge!  It doesn’t have to be food or fitness related.  It can be anything.  Whatever it is, try and do it for 7 days straight.  Feel free to report back here next week to let us know how you did!

Thanks for reading and Happy Monday!


Big News, Big Quads and Big Guns

Just a few weeks into 2014 and it’s already starting off with some big news:

I’m one of just a few selected bloggers chosen to submit posts to IFBB Pro Physique Competitor Roxie Beckles website: Muscle is the New Sexy.  This is a great opportunity for me and I’m thrilled to be a part of Roxie’s world. Give her site a look, it’s a wonderful community for females who lift and want to know more about the science of metabolism, workouts appropriate for your level, and nutrition tips too.  It’s helpful for women of ALL fitness levels, not just competitors.

Progress news for me – I’m gettin bigger–  And yes, I blogged about this recently but in my quest to put more muscle on this bod, I love to report the progress because I think it’s important for my readers to see how long this process (yes, that darn P word) takes.

120lbs and feeling AWESOME!
120lbs and feeling AWESOME!

As distressing as it can be to see the scale go up and up, especially when I was in a deficit for so long with my calories, it’s actually really exciting to see the progress and the gains in the mirror.  I try to ignore the scale because, even when your goal is fat loss or muscle gain, it’s all about how you feel when you see those muscles in the mirror and in pictures.  And right now, I feel Damn good!

I’m almost 12 weeks into coaching with Lean Bodies Consulting and although I could quit right now and try things on my own, I have no desire to walk away from this.  Just as my own clients invest in me, I’m investing in my coach and I’m in it for as long as I am able.  It wouldn’t make sense to quit on something that’s working so well.  I even told my coach that my shoulders looks to big to me I feel like I’m a linebacker….and I mean this in a good way! 🙂

Another reason 2014 is off to a great start:  My clients.  I’m so appreciative of these awesome people who have decided to train with me.  Over the course of the next few months I plan on putting up their progress photos so they can become the next Inspirations.  Be on the lookout for those!

Until next time, Happy Food Prep Day!  (isn’t this what everyone does on Sundays?) 🙂