10 Backhanded Compliments People Give You When You’re Into Fitness

This is incredibly accurate. Yes to all that have been listed.

Thought Catalog


1. “I don’t know how you find the time to work out. I’m always so busy!”

Wow. Talk about condescending. Like every other human, people who are into fitness have 24 hours a day which consists of multiple commitments from work to relationships to laundry. And the reality is fitness is something that you do, if you value it. It’s not about having the time; it’s about making the time.

2. “You look great but the muscular look is just not for me.”

This one is usually directed at girls and all I have to say is “what?!” I’ll try and design my body according to your wishes. NOT! Firstly, it’s REALLY hard for girls to get a bulky look – our hormones are just not into it. Secondly, “having muscles” is not the goal as much as being strong is. And strength is good for functional everyday life…

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