One Perfect Week

So for those who follow me on my FB page, you know I had a goal last week of being absolutely on point with my diet for 7 days straight.

I made it 5 days before I caved and had a cheat meal.  But in this phase of my training, the building phase, it’s incredibly easy to just have a little extra with no detrimental effects on the physique.  At least none that I’ve noticed thus far.

According to my coach, I can save this “hardcore” goal for the dieting phase.  Right now, I’m trying to enjoy the fact that I get to be in a surplus and enjoy my food and continue to train heavy.

I’ve updated the Muscle Building Pics page with photos from the past month.  New pics will be added a week from today.  I don’t anticipate huge changes but in case you can’t tell from the photos, I’m growing quite the nice booty. I was always told in order to get a butt, I would either have to get pregnant (no thanks) or be blessed with good genetics.

Well, I got my Mom’s flat butt genes, and I still managed to grow one. 🙂
Looking back at my starting measurements – you can see I’m growing in all the right places.  It’s STILL scary to see that number on the scale go up every week but, just like a dieting phase, it’s not permanent.


With that said, I’m STILL going to shoot for 7 perfect days in a row.  It’s gonna be tough with tomorrow being Fat Tuesday – (What appropriate timing!)  I wanted to get a Paczki in honor of my Mom.  That was the last holiday she celebrated before she passed.  But, to be honest, I’m not such a huge fan of them that I MUST have one.  I can possibly try to fit them into my plan tomorrow but without knowing exactly what’s in one, I think I’ll pass.  Not quite worth the calories.

I might not make it 7 perfect days, but by saying it on here, I feel like I have a little bit more accountability from my readers who might be curious to see if I can do it.

What about you?  If you feel like you need a fire lit under your (growing) butt, give yourself a challenge!  It doesn’t have to be food or fitness related.  It can be anything.  Whatever it is, try and do it for 7 days straight.  Feel free to report back here next week to let us know how you did!

Thanks for reading and Happy Monday!


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