Letting Go of Lean and Embracing Bulk

week6picsI hesitated posting and sharing my progress pics this week.  But if I don’t share then the entire point of the blog goes to waste and it will just become a blog of interviews of other competitors and will no longer be about me at all.

I realize by promising to share the progress with my readers might not seem like such a big deal to most people, but I’m trying to stick to my word.  Plus, I created the blog to inspire others and it wouldn’t be much of an inspiration to see me cowering in the corner, thinking “They’ll think I failed if they see these pics! I’m not lean anymore and won’t be for a really long time…what if they stop reading my posts and move on to someone more….inspiring?”

But as you can see I’m not cowering in the corner.  I’m getting bigger…and that’s my goal.  I’m sure to some people they don’t see a “big” person in these pictures.  But I see someone thick and big.  And notice I’m not saying fat or tubby or chunky or anything negative.  I think being described as bigger and muscular is actually a compliment to me and a GOOD thing. 🙂 I’m absolutely loving my legs and delts.  I even too video of myself doing some presses the other day because I was kind of in awe as to the person in the mirror, almost in disbelief that those were my shoulders!

Of course trying to put on muscle comes with the unfortunate downside of putting on a little bit of fat too.  I can’t help but notice my six pack has been long gone but is quickly fading into oblivion.   It’s a little sad but it’s kind of like meeting someone new and they only hung out with you for a couple weeks.  It was nice to have them around, but they served their purpose and now its time to meet some new friends. Not say you won’t see that short-term friend again…maybe someday they’ll be back, just wearing bigger clothes. 😉

Now of course, with my coach’s guidance, I have not ballooned up.  I’m only up 9lbs since the competition.  I can guarantee that if I didn’t have a coach, I would not be just 116lbs.  I’m pretty sure I’d be a wreck by now.

Looking forward to another 6 weeks of coaching until I decide if I’m going to stick with him or try a go of it on my own.

To be continued…

8 thoughts on “Letting Go of Lean and Embracing Bulk

  1. I loved this post. I am currently experiencing the same thing. Just competed in October so now I am trying to bulk until February and i hate my offseason look 😦 Im glad i am not the only one who feels this way

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