Interview with Bikini Competitor Robbie Burgett


This week’s interview is with local (Holla Cleveland!) girl Robbie Burgett.  She recently competed at the same competition as moi in the bikini division.  Get a load of her amazing transformation!

Name: Robbie Burgett
Age: 23
Height: 5’8
Starting Weight: 190 lbs.
Competition Weight: 128 lbs.
Social Media: Instagram: rbfit1

FFTF:  When did you start to take an interest in fitness?  Were you always athletic or were you a yo-yo dieter or were you just coasting along with diet and exercise prior to this?

I first got started thinking about changing my life style right after my 23 birthday, December 12, 2012. I had gone out with my friends and we had all taken a lot of pictures together. I found in looking over the pictures I was tagged in on Facebook that I felt so “fat”. At this point I began to look through all my photos and in everyone I didn’t see the girl I thought I looked like. From that point on I became hyper-focused on what I was wearing and how I looked. I stopped wanting to go anywhere on the weekends, and started to tell my boyfriend that he should just go with his friends and I would stay home. I have been with my boyfriend since we were in high school and I was thin and fit. When I noticed that I was not looking how I wanted to anymore I began to want to be fit again for both him and I.

Up until about my senior year of high school I played volleyball, and softball. I have always owned and trained horses with my mother and sister, horse make you strong!

I never ever dieted before ever, I was always one of those girls who could eat everything and it didn’t stick until around my last year of college.


FFTF: I know you got involved with (local radio show host) RMG and became a Calendar girl. How did that come about?

I have listened to Rover’s Morning Glory for a long time and last year went to Rover Fest. When I started losing weight I decided that I would do it just to say I had, never expecting to actually make it into the calendar. The calendar comes out November 15. Check it out here!

FFTF:  Tell us about your first Bikini competition this past month – Highlights/low points?  Did you enlist the help of a coach at any point in time?

I needed to compete. Competing kept me motivated in the beginning every time I wanted to quit. In the beginning you don’t see results right away so naturally you ask yourself “Why am I doing this?”

I entrusted my journey with a great trainer, Angelo Francis. He helped me immensely with my training, nutrition and the occasional freak out, “there is no way I can look like these girls, have you seen them?!”


As I got closer to the end I was getting really burnt out, my days went like this:

Wake up at 4 eat, shower, dress, go to work. Get off work whenever we are done (I work in a surgical center which makes competition prep into a whole new challenge). Go to the gym or school the times were sometimes interchangeable. Go home and go to bed. On the weekends work job number two at night which was bartending, and don’t drink or eat badly.

I did it! I can say that, but it was hard!

I met a girl named Allison (in the pic below) while prepping to compete.  We had the same posing coach and she was friends with my trainer. The one thing I remember most about the day is how nice the other girls were! There were a lot of girs that, like me, had also lost a lot of weight and Lakewood was their first show.


FFTF:  You got to meet the amazing Dana Linn Bailey at the show.  How was that?

Meeting DLB was the best!  She is so nice and kind.  The line for her is always long but it is because she talks to everyone as much as they want and takes fun pictures!


FFTF:  Did you find that people were supportive as you dieted for your transformation?  Did you encounter any resistance from people that you’d like to share or would you say overall everyone was supportive?

I found that a lot of people just think the whole sport is people just hopped up on steroids! This was very frustrating to me because some people were supportive and others were not. When I began to lose more weight coming up to the show my family began to get concerned that I was too thin, I had to explain the difference of day to day and being stage ready.

I did find it interesting how people are not afraid to tell you that you were fat when you begin to lose weight. It still hurts but I rebound fast.

5. What was your friends/family reaction when you told them you wanted to get on stage and take part in this competition?

None of us were aware there was anything outside of bodybuilding. My friends and family assumed that I was going to turn into the hulk.

Actual example:

Boyfriend: “Are you going to be able to lift me?”

Me: “No, why do you say that?”

Boyfriend: “Well you’re going to be bigger than me right?”

Me: “Do you think I am going to be a bodybuilder?”

Boyfriend: “Well that’s what you are doing aren’t you?”

Me:  “No!” (and then I explained bikini)


FFTF:  Any interests outside the gym?

I have been riding horses all my life, but everything turns into food and the gym when you are trying to lose 60lbs in 9 months.

FFTF: I’m all about food since finishing my competition so I have to ask: What was your first meal after you got off stage?

My first meal was Chicken Parmesan. During this whole thing if I ever had any aliment my body would lead me to believe that carbs would fix it, which I knew wasn’t the truth.

FFTF:  Would you recommend competing to anyone or do you think it takes a certain type of individual to engage in this “strict” diet and workout regimen?

I loved what it did for myself but unless you can want it for you, you will never be able to do it.


FFTF: What’s on your Goal list now?  Do you want to do more competitions or was this a “One and done” type of thing for you?  What about goals not related to fitness?

I am excited to say that I do want to continue to do this! I would love nothing more than to keep working hard and someday get my pro card! I am happy to say as well that with the help of A-County Crossfit I am going to try to compete between now and the first of the year!

As for outside of fitness I am moving to South Carolina with my boyfriend in January and I am excited for this new chapter in my life, I want to finish my degree in health care admin and finish school as an RN. I have dreams of becoming a personal trainer to help girls like me achieve their goals.


Congratulations on all your success and your transformation Robbie!!  You have definitely gone from Fit to Bikini and we are now excited to see you reach your goals of helping other women.  Be sure to check back in with us when you get settled in South Carolina! 🙂 

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