Transitions, Challenges and Lessons Learned

With just 16 days left to go until the competition, I chose a fine time to make a career “transition.”  I refuse to call it a change because I’m essentially doing the same thing, but by making the decision to train on my own, I took a huge leap of faith.

It’s only been a few days being 100% on my own and it’s a very freeing experience thus far.  I’ve trained a handful of people and it felt like Day One of being a PT again.  A fresh start was exactly what I needed.  The look on my clients faces when I was getting them to do things they’ve never done before was priceless.  Getting that awesome feedback was so satisfying.  If I could get paid in smiles and sweat, I would take it!

A number of people have said I’m exuding Happiness now.  No surprise there – when you do what you love it’s easy to be happy.

I am THINKING about making plans for after the competition – I will be working on building this body even more.  I’m quite aware I’m pretty small to be competing in a Figure competition but for my first time on stage, I’m completely satisfied with my results.  This has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever taken on and every time I look in the mirror, I’m astounded at what is staring back at me.

It takes a long time to put on muscle and although I can’t rewind time, I probably would have not enlisted my first coach who had me on a cookie cutter diet.  I think I would have found the funds to invest in my current coach SOONER.  I think, at least for me, I lost too much weight with the first coach and I think that made it a little harder to put on the muscle necessary to compete.  However, I ALSO would have given myself 18 months to train for a competition instead of a year.  A year was just a little too soon.

I hope no one thinks I’m throwing in the towel on the competition before I even go on stage; it’s more of a peek into the future and what I want to do differently this next time around.  Gotta keep setting goals!!!

In other news, I got the competition suit today!! Celeste did an amazing job.  I will be posting pics this weekend as well as a link to her page.  I highly recommend her.

Stay tuned for other interviews  as well as one giant blog post after the competition is over.

Thanks for reading…now go workout! 🙂


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