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Wow, that was the quickest week ever.  Wasn’t I just saying how I had 9 weeks to go?  And now it’s 8…less than 8 actually. 56 Days.  Yes, we are counting down DAYS now, not weeks.

I checked in with Coach Ben today and we are right on track.  I’m down to 109lbs and although his goal for me is to get a little leaner, since things are going according to plan, no changes to my diet need to be made.  And still no cardio.  I must say I don’t really miss it.  So let’s see it’s been 14 weeks since I’ve done any cardio sans my jump rope warm up prior to my lifting sessions.  Yeah, don’t miss it. 🙂

In other news:

I started an Instagram Account.  So far there are some selfies I admit…like this one:

Nothing "Relaxing" about Relaxed Pose.
Nothing “Relaxing” about Relaxed Pose.

But my goal is to also educate and motivate.  There’s plenty of FitSpo out there, I’m not trying to add to it necessarily.  I’d rather just document my journey through pictures but also help people see what it is that I’M doing to show them that THEY can do it too.  I attempted to take a pic of my food prep but I didn’t have a panoramic lens –

Not even half of my fave foods.
Not even half of my fave foods.

Yes I do eat some processed foods.   Mainly they are snacks post workout, sometimes pre workout but depending on how much fat they have, I might have them as a snack in the middle of the day.  Like those Almond Butter Power Chews…omg yum! Although a serving is only 6 pieces but it’s the perfect snack on the go.

I also try to make my own snacks, especially at night because you know how it can get when you get home from work and all you wanna do is raid the cupboards and the fridge. I made a delicious combination of canned pumpkin and greek yogurt, sweetened with some cinnamon and liquid stevia.  It’s a good sweet and smooth snack…high protein with some carbs and little fat if that’s what you’re looking for!

Finally, if you ever wonder where people are on Saturdays around 5pm….they are not at the gym:

Hello?!!?  Where did everybody go??
Hello?!!? Where did everybody go??

I swear I DO have a life outside the gym. 🙂  Just not on leg day…which this was.

Thanks again for reading the blog! I hope you all enjoyed Mindy’s Interview.  And while you’re on here, why not head over to the Brother side of FFTF and see the interview I did with Javier Hernandez?  He went from 310lbs to 170lbs.  He has such a great emotional story, I almost got teary eyed as I read his responses.  Check it out!   And if you know of any men out there who are training for a fitness competition OR have a great transformation story to share, send them my way.

Have a great week!

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