Interview: NPC Bikini Athlete/Coach Brittany Tegeler


This week I have had the pleasure to interview Brittany Tegeler.  This woman has quite the athletic background! Not only has she competed on stage as an NPC Bikini Athlete (and won, by the way), she’s also a former Lingerie Football Player.  But where she excelled most is with the game of Soccer.  Brittany became hooked on this game from the age of 4, even going semi-pro as well as making the preseason roster twice for the professional Washington Freedom Women’s Team.

These days Brittany spends her days in Baltimore as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  Just like yours truly!  Although, I think it’s safe to say that’s where our similarities end. 😉

Read on for some great motivation and inspiration from her and feel free to share with others!

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FFTF: You’re a Wellness/Accountable Care Coach; can you elaborate on what that entails and how you are able to help everyday individuals with healthy lifestyle choices?

As a lifestyle coach, you have to be able to work with people from all walks of life.  You never deal with the same person or situation and have to treat each one as its own.  I need to be able to adapt to each individual and their needs to help them in the most effective way possible.  Typical areas of focus are: weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management, etc.  I try to give each client exactly what they need to better their life, sometimes, all they need is someone to talk to and to listen to them with open mind, ears, and heart.

FFTF:  As a Certified Personal Trainer, who would you say is your typical client that comes in to train with you?  Are they looking to compete like you have or are they “just looking to get healthy?” 

I have trained every type of client from the elite athlete to the “soccer mom” all with various goals.  Right now, I am currently opening a fitness center that is designed for athletes from 8-18.  I will focus on getting the athletes stronger and faster for optimal performance on the field, as well as for injury prevention.  A lot of the training will be soccer-specific. 


Through soccer, I learned how rewarding something can be when you work hard, stay focused, and stay motivated. – Brittany Tegeler

FFTF:  I see from your website that you became involved with soccer from a very young age and were quite a successful athlete from it.  How did participating in a sport like soccer enable you to become the woman you are today?

Participating in soccer has had one of the most significant impacts on my life.  I learned what it was like to be truly, truly passionate about something.  I learned how to dedicate and commit myself fully to something.  Through soccer, I learned how to be disciplined and how to make huge sacrifices, even at a very young age.  I learned how rewarding something can be when you work hard, stay focused, and stay motivated.  This mindset of passion, hard work, discipline, ambition, and motivation is something I carry with me in all aspects of my life.  I will never give you an okay effort- I am an all-or-nothing type girl.  On top of all of the wonderful qualities that I contribute to soccer, I was also fortunate enough to travel the world while playing, and I made some of the most authentic friendships through the sport.

FFTF:  Tell us about your experience as a lingerie football player, that had to be exciting and fun!

Playing in the Lingerie Football League was quite the experience!  Many people see the LFL for its entertainment value, which it certainly has, as it was aired on MTV.  However, that sport is no joke.  The ladies of the league train very, very hard.  Most of the women are former D1 athletes in one sport or another.  The talent and athleticism in the league is fierce which makes for some pretty brutal games with some hard hitting.  I got 2 concussions in 4 games! The LFL is pro football for women.  We watched film, we learned play books, we trained hard, etc.  We did all the things necessary to succeed as football players.  Playing in the LFL was a “bucket-list” type thing for me; I had an athletic void that I needed to fill and I viewed the league as a unique and exciting way to fill that void.  I played for about a season and a half and certainly got what I wanted out of the league!


FFTF: You competed in the NPC Bikini Division last year.  What would you say prompted you to try a bodybuilding competition? 

I saw competing as a way to fill the athletic void that I had (as I was no longer playing pro soccer) and as another way to push my body to it’s absolute limits.  Challenging myself and setting goals is inspiring; it keeps me driven and working hard.  I think working to towards new and different goals is such an important aspect of life; it keeps us from getting too comfortable.  Being comfortable in uncomfortable situations makes for a highly successful person.  I love learning and experimenting ; competing was another way to do this.

 FFTF:  What was your experience with the diet and training regimen required to compete in that division?  Would you say you had a good overall experience due to your history as an athlete?  Did you find it extremely challenging or relatively easy to adhere to the diet?

If something comes easy I have to question if I really worked as hard as I possibly could at it or if it was a worthwhile goal to have in the first place.  I think you can make almost anything you want challenging if you are willing to step outside your comfort zone.  Competing was a complete test of determination and will power.  Although I am an athlete and know how to not only train, but train hard, competing had many different elements that I was not familiar with.  The diet was definitely the most challenging part for me.  I never cheated, nor strayed away from my plan in the least.  Preparing for a fitness show makes for a huge change in lifestyle; you cannot go out to eat, you have to sacrifice many social events, you have to spend endless hours preparing/weighing/cooking foods, and the list goes on.  I did not compete simply to say I competed, I competed to WIN.  Like I stated early, I am an all-or-nothing type person.  If I am going to do something, I am going to put my entire heart and soul into it.  In the end, it all paid off; the minute I stepped on stage I found every bit of my efforts to be completely worth it.  Competing is certainly very, very taxing physically, but especially mentally, so in my opinion, it’s important to take some time off between shows, which is what I am doing now.   I learned so much about how my body works and have never felt more in-tune with it.
Eating for aesthetics (which is what fitness shows are all about) is quite different from eating for optimal athletic performance, which is why having a coach with that type of expertise was a big help.Brittany Tegeler
FFTF:   Did you have a coach for your competition or did you train yourself?
I did not have a coach for the training for my shows.  I have played every level of soccer, so I have been training since a very, very young girl.  I know what works and I know how to push myself better than I believe anyone else can.  Also, I am a NASM CPT, so that certainly helps.  I did have a friend help me with some of the specifics of the sport- posing, tanning, stage make up, etc.  I also had a nutritional coach that I consulted with on a weekly basis that was familiar with dieting for fitness shows.  I have always designed my nutrition plans around performing at an optimal level on the soccer field.  I ate for sports performance.  I am actually a NASM certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist as well.  However, eating for aesthetics (which is what fitness shows are all about) is quite different than eating for optimal athletic performance, which is why having a coach with that type of expertise was a big help.  Having nutritional consultations was also a great way to keep myself accountable, as I knew I was going to get my body composition stats taken every week.
FFTF:  Do you plan to compete again? 
Whether I compete again or not, I don’t know, but I could not be more happy that I did it.  It is certainly possible, however, right now I am focusing on my career and putting all of my efforts in to that.  You must have the time to dedicate to competing if you wish to do well.  Again, competing was another way to challenge myself and fill an athletic void.  I was lucky enough to achieve success from the get-go with competing and I really feel like I got what I was looking for out of it.  It was another great experience that positively impacted my life.
  If I am going to do something, I am going to put my entire heart and soul into it.  In the end, it all paid off; the minute I stepped on stage I found every bit of my efforts to be completely worth it.  Brittany Tegeler
FFTF:  You’re on social media as well, as are many fitness professionals.  How do you personally utilize social media to promote health/fitness and what can your followers expect to see on your pages? *Follow her on Twitter @BrittanyTegeler on Instagram @BrittanyTegelerFit and on Facebook Brittany Tegeler’s Daily Health & Fitness Tips  
First and foremost, I keep everything positive.  I will never ever post a negative post.  I LIVE for motivating and inspiring others.  I always say, “getting” is great, but “giving” has to be the best feeling in the world.  I do my best to relate, as my ultimate goal is to inspire and assist those around me in living a healthier and happier life. I am definitely not the “cookie-cutter” type of person.   I like to be different and unique; I don’t want to be just “another face” in the field of fitness preaching the same tiresome things day-in-and-day-out just because it “sounds good”.  I am always going to be myself and in doing so, I help others through beliefs and methods that I PERSONALLY feel are best.
FFTF:  Lastly, what’s one thing you know now that you WISH you had known before you started your fitness career?
I honestly do not think I would change a thing.  I have grown as a fitness professional through trial-and-error.  I think it is so important NOT to know everything, so you can experiment, fail, and work to find better solutions. This is all part of the process of becoming better at one’s profession.  The health and wellness industry is one that is ever-evolving, so essentially, we will never know everything.  We have to continue to study and learn each and every day.

Thanks for being an inspiration to my readers Brittany!

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