Officially Official

BREAKING NEWS:  My blog is now officially  

I’m a DOT COM!

What does this mean??!!! 

Umm…not sure. 🙂

What I do know is that I’m one step closer to making From Fit To Figure a brand name.  My own brand.  But, seeing as though I’m gaining followers everyday, I would love some feedback as to what you, my loyal reader/follower, see as the future of this website. 

Just a blog?

Just me?

A community of women?

A competitor website?

A resource for competitors/wannabe competitors?



There are about a bazillion websites out there, many of which offer the SAME thing to the SAME audience for the SAME price.

In case it’s not obvious, I want to offer something DIFFERENT.  I’m still brainstorming, but feel free to put on your thinking cap as well if you would like and drop me a comment about what YOU would do if you had a website geared towards fitness.  

Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Officially Official

  1. I think by just being another strong voice you are already making yourself into a brand! I think what drew me to your blog was just your voice and the inspiration that you provided. I think so many women can relate to you and your journey and I think that is what makes your blog amazing!

    • Wow thanks!! That was very nice of you to say that. Yeah I guess I just have so many ideas swirling in my head about where I want to go with this. I suppose for now I’m satisfied just being another source of inspiration for females out there but…I can’t help but feel there’s something more out there for me to do… 🙂

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