19 Weeks + 1 Day to go!

I can’t believe I have less than 20 weeks to go for my first figure competition.  Kind of a surreal experience right now thinking back to last October and what my initial feelings and thoughts were regarding this decision. 

Here I am almost 8 months later and now I can say the real prep work begins.  I went and hired a new coach online named Ben Esgrow from De Novo Nutrition.  He’s an RD, CSCS, and a Professional Natural Bodybuilder who came highly recommended.  I’ve only been on his workout and nutrition plans for 3 weeks and already see a great amount of progress.  Not only that, but the food/nutrition plan is much better than the plan I was on previously.  I have the freedom to eat what I want as long as it fits my macronutrients for that day.  Basically, that means I can have a certain amount of carbs, protein, fat and fiber depending on the day and what I’m training.

All the guesswork is taken out for me and I have the variety back that I wasn’t getting previously.   As for the workouts, I’ve been instructed not to do any cardio for now which is awesome because between 3 jobs, I have just enough time to get a good 45 minute lifting session in. 

And progress?  Well, take a look at this back. 

Well hello there traps and lats...
Well hello there traps and lats…

I only brag this one time because I had to finally give in and go clothes shopping to find clothes that actually FIT me.  Not a bad problem to have but my wallet felt this one.  As I was trying on clothes I caught my back in the mirror and literally, did not recognize it as my own.  As cheesy as that sounds, it’s true.  A proud moment.

Other noteworthy news:  I’ve purchased the heels! Yes, the stripper shoes we are required to wear on the stage have been ordered.  19 weeks better be long enough to practice walking in these things!  I need all the practice I can get.


You mean I have to WALK in these things??
You mean I have to WALK in these things??


Let’s just pray I don’t fall flat on my face in these monsters.

Lastly, t-minus 16 days until my first photo shoot.  I’m incredibly excited and nervous about this but I know it’s going to go well and just knowing it’s coming down the pipeline is helping me adhere to my diet.  You can bet pics are going to be shared as soon as possible on that one.

Life is good for this Fit Girl. 

Next week, I will be posting an interview I am doing with a current Figure Competitor.  I won’t even reveal anything about this woman except that you’re going to want to bookmark it to refer back to for motivation.  I haven’t even interviewed her yet but you can bet her story is going to be one that you won’t soon forget.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful Memorial Day!  Remember those who fought for our freedom and honor them as best as you can this weekend.



2 thoughts on “19 Weeks + 1 Day to go!

  1. HOLY SMOKES!! You are really looking FABULOUS M!! Way to go! Keep the focus and you will join Michelle on stage as a WINNER for sure!! Waiting for the pics and know in advance, they will look stunning!! Remember…save me a seat in October!!

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