The Comparison Factor


Isn’t it odd that I choose to post about comparing myself to others when that’s exactly what I’m training to do?  I think that’s call IRONY.

But in all seriousness, it’s getting to that point in my training that I can’t help but look at other women who are in the same boat as me and think to myself “Wow, they are in SUCH better shape than me,” or“Okay no way my back will ever look that good,” or possibly“That chick is so much bigger than me! I feel so tiny!”   (This last one is meant as a compliment, trust me).

As someone who is trying very hard to put muscle ON, it can be quite discouraging as I scroll through Twitter and Facebook and Fitness Pages to see women showing off their hard work in the gym and showing off the guns, or their shoulders, or glutes, or abs.  And they have every right to of course!  It’s meant to be inspiring.  But at times, inspiration can lead to disappointment.  Especially if we have false hopes of looking exactly like that person we follow on social media or see on the stage at competitions.  And disappointment can be dangerous.  It can de-rail all efforts at what you’re trying to do.

So my solution to this problem has always been to bring it back home.  Bring it back to the initial goal of just getting on stage and presenting my best package.  To get up there and say “I worked my butt off for a year and here is the result.” 

It’s also important to recognize my efforts thus far.  I found a good “Before” picture that I think I need to look at to remember what I DID look like.

Well hello there belly nice to see you. ;)  At least my calves look nice.
Well hello there belly nice to see you. 😉 At least my calves look nice.

I’m not about to say anything negative about this pic because I was (still am) healthy but clearly, there is some visible change here.  This was taken in August of 2011 so it’s old but I didn’t look too different a year later.

So when I look at this, I think now THIS is a comparison I can be happy with.

Much happier in the new bod.

Small update on the BLT Challenge from my last post:  The challenge went fantastic and I only had one cheat the night before the challenge ended.  Just a combination of emotion before Mother’s Day, good old female things, and just the fact that I was hungry and wanted something BAD.  What did I cheat with?  Organic Fruit Snacks.  Yeah, I’m a real REBEL.  

But the best part of the Challenge was the 3 other ladies on my Team.  They all live in Canada and they all rock. 🙂  We became fast friends through our daily emails encouraging each other on for these past two weeks.  What a great way to stay on track.  Who knew emailing total strangers could be so helpful?

The lesson today?  To be Encouraging, not Comparing.


5 thoughts on “The Comparison Factor

  1. I love this blog post!!! I am so worried about my loose skin and stretch marks but then to just get up on the stage will be a win for me. Love your posts!!!

    Sent from my iPhone with love

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