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This is going to be more of a gigantic referral post more than anything.  What I have discovered lately is that I follow a bunch of women and yes, some MEN too on Facebook and Twitter that are very driven, focused, motivating and knowledgeable about so much more than just health and fitness that I wanted to give them all a special shout out here.

I know alot of people  who are struggling with losing weight and trying to find the right program for them.  I honestly wonder if  they have fully embraced the fact that social media can HELP with this.

On the other side of the spectrum I have quite a few male followers that would probably be interested in the bikini and figure female competitors that I follow so they can creep on them.  So see? There’s something for everyone here!

I have 5 categories for whatever you may be looking for:

Fitness and Exercise for those with limited budgets and equipment:

Zuzka Light – She co-founded BodyRockTV and is super sweet and FINALLY got her own website where all her very short but very effective (Tabata style) workouts are stored.  Men don’t be fooled, her workouts are not just for the stay-at-home Mom!

MyoMyTv – If you have at least one kettlebell at home, this is the site for you.

My Mad Methods – This guy is nuts…Lots of hardcore workouts that I’m even scared of.  But you should give them a try sometime to challenge yourself!

Weight Loss for those who are in need of support and motivation:

Precision Nutrition: I’m thrilled to be starting their program soon.  I had heard of them while working at LifeTime Fitness and recently purchased their Precision Nutrition V3 package.  I’m going to try it out myself and then hopefully use it on others that need the guidance.  What’s awesome is that they have a forum (Remember forums from back in the old internet days? Ha!) that allow all their members to start their own log.  So the support system is crazy awesome.  Check out the free articles if you’re still skeptical.

Hungry Healthy Happy: This woman is amazing. She has over 24K likes on her FB page because what makes her awesome is her journey to lose 98lbs and keep it off.  She’s just a REAL person sharing her recipes, fitness and healthy living tips.

Fit & Fierce: Cari runs a great FB page; she’s young, loves fitness and is a firefighter on the side.

Female Gym Motivation:   Exactly as it sounds.  Some of the pics they post are not exactly work-friendly so be careful with that.

Serious or advanced lifters/exercise freaks who are always searching for the latest and greatest stuff:

Ben Bruno: This guy demonstrates the best advanced exercises and every week takes all the best fitness articles out there and links them on one page.

Fighter Diet: Pauline Nordin is awesome. She’s blunt, cuts to the chase, gives you what you need in terms of great workouts through her e-books and basically is no nonsense.

SiouxCountry:  Technically this is a message board but I find it hard to follow because it just hurts my eyes to do all that scrolling.  So their Facebook Page is much more user friendly.  This could also be categorized under anyone looking for motivation (mainly women) because they will post the most amazing transformations.

Nutritional Advice and “Fooducation” as I call it; those who are more interested in the prevention of obesity and disease:

Lean Bodies Consulting:  These guys are fierce and no nonsense.  They have been known to help a ton of people transform their bodies for figure competitions.  But they also give some really great advise and wisdom concerning metabolism that I find interesting and really informative.

Healthy Living How To – Vanessa Romero runs a fantastic site with healthy recipes.  I have to remember not to look at her Facebook page when I’m hungry because her pics of her food make me want to eat the computer screen.

LifeTime Weight Loss – Life Time Fitness has a great website specifically for weight loss but they also discuss supplements, exercise, book reviews about obesity, metabolic disruptors, everything you can think of related to health and wellness.  Subscribe to the free newsletter. It summarizes all the articles very nicely.

Fooducate– Technically this is an app for your phone or mobile device.  You can scan your foods at the grocery store before you buy them to see if they make the grade.  Although, you shouldn’t be buying anything with a barcode anyways…BUT, if you must, this is a must have app.

Eye Candy

Okay so these last few peeps are MORE than just eye candy but for those that could use a little motivation, here are some ladies and gents that if anything, should INSPIRE you to maybe say to yourself “I wonder if I could ever look like that someday.”  If you want it bad enough, you can get pretty damn close to these amazing physiques:

For the ladies:

Ryan Hughes – Ladies…just click on it.  You won’t be disappointed.

Gregg Avedon – He’s one of the best male models out there. You will see why.

Jeff Halevy – I like him a ton more than Bob Harper.  Sorry Bob.

Steve Cook – A gorgeous young man…oh and he puts videos up about exercises but I’m too busy drooling over him to watch them. 😉

For the men:

Mindi Smith – A fitness model and my current screensaver for motivation

Nicole Moneer – Bikini Pro Competitor who just turned 40.  If I look HALF as good as she does in 5 years, I’ll be happy.

Female Gym Motivation – Believe it or not this is also for the guys because as I scroll through their Facebook page I almost find myself going very quickly if someone is looking over my shoulder because some of the pics are leave little to the imagination.

Lastly, shameless plug time!

Please follow/Like my places of employment! 🙂

ASAP Fitness – A great facility in Rocky River where I do Personal Training.  We also feature something called Mission Fit which is more like Group Personal Training. Check us out!

Empowering Punch – Ever wanted to try Boxing?  Well even if you don’t have experience, we can take care of you!

Thanks for reading this ultra long post!

Time to get some much needed rest.  Here’s to a wonderful week no matter what your goals!


Random Tweet of the Day:  “Insert not every nice tweet about Ray Lewis here.”

(I’m livid the Ratbirds made it to the Superbowl)  GO Niners!!!

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  1. WOOSH, there are some pretty boys here! Okay, so I MEANT to click on those educational/information links first, but then, for some strange reason, my mouse just gravitated toward Ryan Hughes…

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