The Three Month Mark

Today marks exactly 90 days since I started this whole Figure Competition training journey.

Here are some highlights and even some lowlights of this process so far:

  • I’m not and probably will never be a big fan of eating 5-6 small meals every 2 hours.  Although this is how I’ve been eating since hiring my coach, I still don’t think it’s realistic nor ideal for anyone just trying to maintain their weight.  I have found that if I wasn’t drinking all my water, I would feel like I was starving about an hour after I ate something.  This only lead to “cheating” on two occasions and the “cheats” were protein bars. Not the worst, but this was definitely a mental game that I have fought with myself and I would say the most difficult part thus far.

    This was too cute not share.
    This was too cute not share.
  • My life currently revolves around food: planning food, making food, thinking about food, buying food, reading about food.  I can see how one can easily become obsessed.  However, I have found new and delicious foods that I would never have eaten if not for my training.

    It's your fuel..not your reward.
    It’s your fuel..not your reward.
  • I count down the minutes until I can workout.  Besides food, working out is now part of my routine once a day at minimum and twice a day most of the time.  I actually LOOK FORWARD to going to the gym.  This really isn’t anything new for me but I love the workouts I am doing because there is variety involved and when you see the results literally as you’re doing it, it makes it all worth it to me.

    Yep. That's pretty much it.
    Yep. That’s pretty much it.
  • I have the most amazing family and friends and co-workers.  So many people have commented, complimented, inquired, and just plain patted me on the back to say what a great job I am doing with this.  And the best part is, in my opinion, the fun hasn’t really started yet!  I even inspired a friend to hire my coach too.  She may not even compete but she is impressed with the results I have shown and actually loves having a simple meal plan to follow too.  So who knows, maybe one day I’ll be on stage with her!
  • Shopping for jeans that fit because most if not all of your jeans don’t fit are embarrassingly huge is not a bad problem to have.  This is one time I wish I owned a belt.  And if belts looked good on me.  And if I weren’t so cheap.
  • Socializing is a challenge.  Although technically I am not in full prep mode just yet, I have been as diligent as I can when going out with friends.  I pack my food in my oh-so-cute Sachi lunch bags  so it’s not completely obvious I have food in them.

    How freakin cute are these???
  • Lastly, as promised, here are the most current pics.   And this time with my face!  🙂  Forgive the “just woke up” look…I wasn’t about to put make up on and doll myself up at 5:45 in the morning today. Ha!



2 thoughts on “The Three Month Mark

  1. Mishy: Very huge congrats on your progress! I have to give you all the credit in the world for the trip you are embarking on. And the pics show your awesome progress. With this progress comes the results of your dedication to tackling a long trek to your goal. Keep up the excellent work and no matter what the competition results will be, you are a winner right now! Nice job! And no make-up does not hurt your morning pix!! I will be watching!!

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