Weekend Warrior Workout

I’m not exactly a weekend warrior…I’m more of an everyday warrior but tonight’s workout was one of the best I’ve had in a long time; so much so that I feel the need to post it.  Feel free to try it yourself!

Warm up:  Foam rolling for about 5 minutes.  LOOOOVE the sweet torture of foam rolling.  If you want to learn how to do it, Ashely Borden (@Ashleyborden on Twitter) has a great pdf guide on how to “roll out.”  http://www.ashleyborden.com/training-system.html

Strength Training: Tonight it was all Back, my favorite part to work.


I stole borrowed this workout from Megan Donnelson http://www.facebook.com/MeganDonnelsonNPCFigureAthlete from her interview on CutandJacked.com here: http://www.cutandjacked.com/Workout-Routine-Megan-Donnelson-Jensen

  • T-Bar Row: 4 x 8 – Added 25lb plate to the bar
  • Underhand Seated Row: 4 sets x 8 reps – On the Dual cable pulley I’m around 48lbs total…on single pulley I can do 55lbs- superset with –
    Rear Delt/Upper Back Rope Pulls on Cable: 4 sets x 10 reps – 30lbs for me
  • Seated Close-Grip Pulldowns: 4 sets x 8 reps (Drop-set last set 8, 8, 8) I have found it depends on the machine that you use for these.  When I was in Chicago at a club there working out, I could only muster 35lbs.  Tonight I did 60lbs on a Cybex Pulldown machine. So…kinda frustrating not knowing where I am on that.
  • DB Rows: 4 sets x 10 reps – I use 25lb Dumbbells in each hand
  • Pull – ups: to Failure (4 sets) – Although I have a pull up bar in my room now, courtesy of Santa, I just started to do assisted pull ups with a band.  I max out at around 6 pull ups. At the gym, I use the Assisted Pull up Machine and although it’s considered a waste of time by many, I knocked out 4 sets of 8-10reps with the machine assisting me with 52lbs.

So that’s it for strength! I got it done in 45 minutes or so.

Then came the real fun torture.

My coach instructed me to run a mile on the treadmill followed by 15 minutes of plyometrics one night a week.  So…this was my night to do that.

The run went pretty well.  My feet and knees felt fine, which in my world, is pretty darn incredible considering a year ago I was on crutches with a broken foot.

Worst. 3months. Ever.  

But I digress…

Tonight after the successful run (held 6.0mph the whole time…again, this is big for me), I headed to the empty Group Ex studio to do my plyo. 

Best. 15minutes. Ever.

Here’s what I did, on a whim pretty much:

30 Jump squats


15 Squat and Medicine ball (10lbs) toss and catches (since I didn’t have a partner or a wall)


25 skaters 


10 Tuck Jumps


30 seconds of High Knees holding weighted (Sand filled) BOSU Stability Ball


15 Squat and Medicine Ball Toss (again)

Repeat entire sequence 2 more times. 

I noted at the end that I still had 30 seconds left of my 15 minutes so I finished with 10 burpees.  Image

I burned 170 calories in  these 17 minutes.  LOVE this finisher.  I’m grateful (and so are my feet) that I only do this one time a week because I doubt my feet could handle any more than that. 

While I was doing all this crazy stuff I noted in the mirror that my tuck jumps were exceptionally high.   6 months ago I wouldn’t have even attempted trying them.  I admit…I amazed myself.  And I’m giving credit the fuel that I’m giving my body and the workouts I’m putting it through.  It’s responding better than I anticipated and I’m so grateful!

My reward to myself tonight:  20 minutes in the dry heat sauna.  It was heavenly.  So heavenly that I tweeted about it..HA!

That’s it! Time for that all important sleep before a fun filled day with the family tomorrow as well as church and food prep. 🙂 




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