In the year 2012


It seems the tradition of bloggers these days is to have a post about self-reflection on the past year.  Taking into consideration I just started this blog in October, I don’t think I have much to reflect back on with regards to my fitness goals but I think I will give this a shot anyways.  Specifically, what challenges did 2012 bring and how did I handle them?

On a month to month basis here’s what my 2012 was like:

  • January – nursing a broken foot due to tripping over (of all things) a blow dryer cord.  Yes…it’s true.  Tore all metatarsals and was on crutches for 12 loooonnnng weeks. Worst. Injury. Ever. Image
  • February – March:  Since most of these months were spent on crutches, not a whole lot of other drama took place.  I tried to do bodyweight exercises at home when I could just to maintain. 
  • April – Crutches free I was now a lovely boot.  Trying to train my clients all gimpy proved to be challenging but made for some good conversation. “Hey, how did you hurt your foot?”  ME: “Ohh I dove in front of a speeding vehicle to save a child’s life.”  “Really?”  ME: “No…I tripped over a blow dryer cord in the locker room.”  “Oh….bummer.”
  • May/June: End of Spring beginning of Summer was spent rooting on my Cleveland Indians, going to my nephews baseball games and basically walking as gingerly as possible to avoid another break.  I was paranoid about falling again.ImageOn the plus side I got the boot off in time to be in my best friends wedding! ImageJuly:  Leaving my PT job at a large corporation to come to work for a smaller PT studio.  A great decision and very happy I did. 
  • August:  Everything happens for a reason and I’m a firm believer of that.  I was working the new gig when my mother underwent several tests to find out her lymphoma came back.  I wouldn’t have been home to help her and be with her if I had had my previous position.  Taking care of others and being a nurturing person is not 2nd nature to me; I hope I did okay. 🙂
  • September:  My 34th Birthday coincided with the first home game for the Cleveland Browns so that is how I celebrated.  Had a great time and felt good…felt healthy for the first time in a long time because I was finally getting back into working out and lifting. Image
  • October: Starting over, kind of.  I made the decision to train for a fitness/figure competition exactly a year later.  I suppose the progress pics would be the best photo for this month to post but you can see them in my post from earlier this month. 🙂 
  • November/December:  It’s the end of the year.  Emotions were high this month and last as my Mom battles her lymphoma. But the holidays were a success and we got the greatest gift as she was able to come home and celebrate with us.  We feel positive going into 2013. In regards to me personally, I accepted my friend’s challenge to try to lose 5lbs by January 3rd.  I hired a coach, Mike Davies.  I’m starting to feel like a part of something larger when it comes to my career too.  Getting the wheels turning with what I want to do in 2013 regarding training clients.  The future is bright.  I’m looking forward to 2013.  I’m going to embrace whatever changes come with it.  I’m going to strive to be a better person and better trainer and hopefully, a first time competitor.

Happy New Year to all!!!  Let’s start 2013 out with a bang!! And maybe a push up or two. 😉



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