Why Figure? Why Now?

Many people have been asking why I wanted to reach for such a lofty goal like a figure competition.  Actually, many of my friends/family had to ask “What the heck is a figure competition?”  So let’s address that first:  “A Fitness & Figure competition is defined as a class of physique-exhibition events for women. While bearing a close resemblance to female bodybuilding, they emphasizes muscle tone over muscle size.  The competitors are judged solely on muscular symmetry and tone; as in Fitness shows, muscle size is downplayed.”

My short answer to this question has been: “Like Bodybuilding but smaller.”  In other words, the goal is still to look feminine with muscle definition.

How did this start?  Although I’m still certified as a Personal Trainer, I recently stopped training clients to focus on supplement and nutrition as well as helping my employer with their retail line.  This meant my job was now limited to sitting at the desk and doing research and making phone calls from there and not a whole lot of movement.  I was still working out on my own but I felt like something was missing.  I’m used to having clients to talk to and motivate throughout the day so with that gone it was starting to become harder to stay motivated myself!  I didn’t go out and binge on awful food or start drinking of course, I wasn’t depressed.  I just needed something to keep myself going so I didn’t stop getting myself in shape and start to get lazy.  In the past I would just start training for a new race, a 10K or 5K.  In the past I’ve done half marathons and 1 full marathon and that was all well and good but my body took a lot of impact from all that and I was paying the price.  I just can’t run anymore. I had 1 broken foot (how that happened deserves a whole other blog entry) 2 stress fractures and 2 rounds in Physical Therapy.  I was DONE with running.

I started thinking of what I really wanted.  What would make me happiest.  And an answer came to me: I want to actually LOOK like a trainer.  I’ve been a PT for over 4 years now and I’ve not really felt like I LOOKED as good as I can  this entire time.  There was a point last year when I felt I was in great shape and I felt great while training for my marathons but I want more.  I want to actually LOVE the way I look and not just be all “Eh, this’ll do.”  Plus, I want a challenge.  I can’t think of a better way than training for this competition.

The Goal has been set.  To give you an idea of what I’m striving for, I actually showed my boss this picture of professional Figure Competitor Nicole Wilkins. 

I understand this is going to be tough to actually get my body to look similar to hers.  The trickiest part is going to get my body to lean out proportionally.  Some women/people in general will get the lean look on their upper body but will have these little legs.  Or vice versa.  So achieving that overall look from top to bottom is going to be probably the biggest obstacle.

What else is involved besides working out?

Diet or Meal Planning as I like to put it. 🙂  I’ve gotten several plans from several different websites that claim their meal plan is the best and what any competitor who wants to WIN should follow.  I feel like this will be easiest for me right now up until 12 weeks out from competition.  THEN I will really need the expert advice on what to eat and what to do.  For now, I’m modifying my meal plan just slightly to include more complex carbs since I have increased my workouts and carbs are something I severely limited this past year.  I’m also just literally planning my meals.  I my cooler with me to work and have all my lovely glass (yes glass) containers and some tupperware containers of my food ready to eat.

Posing Practice: The diet and workouts get you on stage, the posing gets you a trophy.  Of course, my goal is not so lofty that I want to win 1st place.  I could care less about winning anything actually.  I just want to get on that stage.  But if you do get on stage I can tell from all the research and websites and videos I’ve watched that if you are not prepared, it shows.  The posing is where the judges, judge.  So you have to be on top of it.  Here’s a pic of one of the poses as a group of women (Nicole included…yes she’s my idol shaddup) are judged in one of the major competitions.

5 Women Pose for the judges

There are a few other poses but you get the drift.

Suit Selection:

From what I’ve discovered and have been told, this will be the most expensive part.  I believe depending on the competition I enter, I will either need a 1 piece and a 2 piece or JUST a 2 piece.  Either way, these things aren’t just slapped together and bedazzled.  These suits are the real deal and can range from $250 to $600.  I’m sure there are ones that are even more.


Not sure how crazy I want to go on earrings but you are judged on your appearance.

Tanning/Skin Tone:

So the first thing most people notice is how dark the competitors are.  The main reason is that the stage lights will wash you out but also the spray tan is necessary to show off the muscle definition.  Finally, I get to be TAN!  This can also be costly but turns out alot of the competitions offer spray tans to be done on site (assuming for a nominal fee).

High Heels:

Yes this gets it’s own category because I for one do not wear heels, ever.  As far as the “This scares the crap outta me”  factor, walking in 4″ heels is high on this list.  Actually falling down in said heels scares the crap outta me.  I do feel better to have read that a few pro’s even have fallen down on stage in the past and still did well in the competition.   Guess the judges understand we may be fit, but that doesn’t mean we’re coordinated. 🙂

That’s pretty much it.  Now this just scratches the surface of what is to come.  I’m going to be posting more about the workouts and the food than anything else.  But I wanted this post to be here for people who are just discovering my little blog so they know whats up.

Till next time!






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